• SeptemberGurl SeptemberGurl
    March 02, 2010
    heart ache
    SeptemberGurl SeptemberGurl
    March 02, 2010

    At the risk of sounding like a 1970's country & western singer, my primary symptom can only be described as a "heart ache".


    I have a dull but constant pain just to the left of the lower sternum area.  It has been there for on and off for months, usually a couple weeks at a time.


    My doctor had blood work done and said that he saw no tell-tale signs (sorry I don't know the specific tests) and I went for an "elevating treadmill" stress test and apparently the machine reached it limit before I did, but there were no signs of a heart condition.


    That was 6 months ago.  The "heart ache" returned just a couple days ago.


    I will see my doctor again but I was hoping that someone here might recognize this as a common symptom of....... something!


    Any ideas?



  • MonicaRD
    Health Pro
    March 05, 2010
    Health Pro
    March 05, 2010

    Hi SeptemberGurl,


    Sometimes reflux (GERD) or problems with your lungs can show up as chest pain.  I encourage you to ask your physician to explore other things such as the lungs, muscle pain, or reflux in addition to your heart just in case. 


    Best of luck,

    Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN


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