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Tuesday, June 17, 2008 rcurich, Community Member, asks

Q: Is there a generic drug for Plavix

Generic equivalent for Plavix?

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Martin Cane, M.D., Health Pro
6/19/08 3:49pm



Thanks for your question.  Plavix is a popular blood thinner that is used to help prevent strokes, heart attacks, and clots in blood vessels is also known by its generic name - clopidogrel. 


There is presently no generic available on the market.  In 2006, a Canadian company released generic clopidogrel, but was quickly withdrawn due to a patent dispute.  A European company also claims to be close to releasing this generic, but a patent dispute is likely to occur again.  Bristol-Myers Squibb currently has the patent on Plavix, which is not due to expire until 2011.


I hope this information has been helpful.


Martin Cane, M.D.

Bill, Community Member
8/31/09 12:04pm

A Canadian pharmacy offers a product they call Plavix made by a company other than Bristol Meyers Squibb. Is this a true copy of Plavix?

Thank you Bill Pardey

Ken, Community Member
12/30/09 12:47pm

The generic version is back on the Canadian market...I just bought some for less than a third of the price of Plavix....

tamali, Community Member
1/26/10 10:45pm

I bought my Plavix online via and its worth the shot.

OrlandoA, Community Member
6/ 2/10 6:55pm


1damital, Community Member
10/19/09 7:53pm

the drug warfarin sodium is in my drug tier as a generic for plavix, is this true?

Marty B, Community Member
3/22/10 11:36am


I been been buying generic plavix online from for years now. I buy 180 tablets for about 64.00 plus shipping. I believe it comes to about 50 cents a pill. Each pill comes in a foil wrapper and from a company CIPLA which has been in business since 1900. If you have an opportunity please tell them I referred you. My user name is Martinyb on their site.  Good luck to you. I had a cardiac arrest in 2004 at age 51 and another heart attack at age 56 in 2008. I work out daily, try and eat right and take the meds...I'm still alive here in Los Angeles and appreciate everyday....Best of luck to you too.....Marty B.

mawbelle, Community Member
6/30/10 8:58am

Hi Marty, do you feel that it is the same as Plavix?  I had double by-pass two yrs ago and have to be on Plavix the rest of my life...Since my husband is disabled and I don't make a lot of money at my job, I have a hard time purchasing my Plavix and have missed a month quite often..You can reply to me at for your input

BobbMr, Community Member
6/ 7/10 7:05am

I usually purchase Generic Plavix at Gomedstore online Pharmacy

They offer trusted quality drug with a reasonable price online and their service is also very good!!


markoze, Community Member
11/ 4/10 2:24pm

The date today is 11/04/2010.  I had a heart attack and The doctors prescribed Plavix which is $80.00 for 30 pills.  Too much for me and then I was told there is no generic nor equivalant for Plavix.  I reserched this and figured the Doctors were just not telling the truth.  Maybe they get a kick back.  Anyway I got them through  They get them from India.  The company that makes them is CIPLA LDT.  I get 200 pills for around $ 60.00.  I have been using them for 6 months now and it may be a life time prescription.  Also, A BIB FYI, the patent Brystal Myers holds on these expire some time in 2011 so if you need it, you now have imfo/

thanks,  marko


rcurich, Community Member
11/22/10 5:41pm

is there a generic for plavix

phdaddy, Community Member
12/20/10 4:41pm

Another source is Planet Drugs Direct in Texas. They sell it for $88 for 180 if you look in the right search pages for that price. Trustworthy service and the pills from Mumbai India work well.  Sky

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