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Monday, January 19, 2009 JINX, Community Member, asks

Q: Weird Heart beat

Occasional Heart Palpitations, now all of a sudden when i goto bed at night and lay down i get a weird sensation, its not a faster heart beat like when i have a palpitation, but a weird hard beat, just one, occasionally and fluttering. any idea what this is? I find i feel semi light headed and like i have to concentrate to catch my breath as well.

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Martin Cane, M.D., Health Pro
1/20/09 11:01pm



Thanks for your question. 


There are several things to consider.  This could be minor extra heart beats known as PACs and/or PVCs which are early beats orginiating from either the small chamber or the larger ventricle.  When they occur, there is a slight pause during which the heart has a moment longer to fill with blood.  This results in a harder heart beat due to the fact that is pumping more volume.  This can be felt by most patients. 


Another possibility is another form of cardiac arrhythmias in which the rate can speed up.  They all can be intermittent, and they all can cause lightheadedness and shortness of breath. 


You must see your physician for an evaluation of your symptoms.  In addition to his history, examination, and electrocardiogram, asks him/her about performing thyroid laboratory tests as thyroid disease is a common cause of many cardiac arrhythmias.  Also, try to cut your caffeine and nicotine intake which are also stimulant for the heart.


Best wishes and feel better.


Martin Cane, M.D.

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