• tjolet88 tjolet88
    June 08, 2011
    Chest tightness, pain and pain in back and neck?
    tjolet88 tjolet88
    June 08, 2011

    My husband is having chest pains and his chest is tight. He has a pain in his back and neck. Could this be a heart attack?



  • Leslie Lafayette
    Health Guide
    June 08, 2011
    Leslie Lafayette
    Health Guide
    June 08, 2011

    Chest pains should always be suspect. But some other questions might give you a better clue. How old is your husband? How would you rate his general level of health and fitness? Does he smoke? Has he had prior heart problems? Is he under a doctor's care fo heart issues?  Do you have any reason to believe his pain could be muscle related? Obviously in a situation where there is chest pain and tight chest, the best advice is to chew an uncovered 325 mg aspirin and go to the nearest emergency room to get it checked out. I wish you good luck.

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