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Saturday, August 02, 2008 M. welch, Community Member, asks

Q: chest pain after cardiac catheterization?

I recently underwent a cardiac catheterization and now have chest pressure and some pain.  Is this to be expected?

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James Axe, Community Member
8/ 3/08 7:46am

Hello,I recently also had a Heart cath less then 2 weks ago,it is possible i believe to have some chest pains,I have some myself,the pressure im not sure about,i would contact your heart Dr. about these issues,I see mine again about the cath results in about 2 weeks.Jim

pharlan73, Community Member
5/ 3/10 2:48pm

I had a heart cath too last Thursday 04/29. Was in the ER with pressure & chest pains that i am still having now. I was tested for a heart attack, my leg was ultrasounded for clots, lung scan and chest xray and nothing found. The pain is real, short of breath, hard to breath deep and dont even think about sneezing. If you have found out anything please let me know as i will you.


Best Regards, Pamela Harlan

mrsboston3122, Community Member
6/10/10 1:11pm

I was wondering if you found out anything about that? I too am having the same issues, I had a heart cath on Thursday 06/03/2010 and am having the same as you with all the same testing you had being negative. I am also having a fluttering heart beat.



Jennett, Community Member
3/14/11 7:41pm

I've been having the same problems - soreness in my chest.  They did a right heart cath on me (went in through the neck).  I know my veins were tiny because they had to use a pediatric catheter, so I'm thinking it's just bruising, but it's disconcerting and sometimes takes my breath away.  My cath was a little over 2 weeks ago!

DJRoff, Community Member
12/ 6/12 4:28pm

I'm in a similar boat.  I had a cath about 6 days ago, due to chest discomfort brought on by mild exertion.  Two stents were placed in arteries that were 90% blocked.  I should be feeling better!  But my discomfort is much more frequent now, even when I'm sitting, and sometimes it's hard to take a deep breath.  The only thing that helps is to stand up and walk around, which I can't always do.

Ed Dunbar, Community Member
4/28/12 7:27pm

I just had a right-heart cath yesterday (about 30 hours ago), and I can feel some pain and discomfort now that definitely feels cardiac.


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