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Tuesday, December 04, 2012 Dee, Community Member, asks

Q: I was diagnosed with M.S. 3 years ago and after 3 years I am taking 15mg of Oxycodone 8 pills a day. Is that excessive ?

I was diagnosed with M.S. 3 years ago and after 3 years I am taking 15mg of Oxycodone 8 pills a day. Is that excessive and is there a time released version available ? Where am I headed with this as my PROGRESSIVE state continues to deteriorate, is there better pain relief and if so what. Alot of people and stories explain people becoming addicted and ending up in methadone clinics,should I pursue it now since inevitably that is where I will end up ? What is a reasonable dose and drug for an osteoarthritis sufferer with MS like me a 42 years old male ? Should I feel bad asking for stronger medicine and is it proper to ask for a higher dose since the relief is minimal ? I never took pills until I was diagnosed and I feel there has to be something that works for me that can be taken once a day or is Oxy acceptable, should I feel like an addict ? My family feels it is alot and I do not believe it is, IS IT ? PLEASE RESPOND to a confused disabled person seeking knowledge.....GOD Bless you all....Dee' I need your advice please!!!! I am desperate. I feel I am torn because I feel people look at me as an addict when the only time I function properly is when I use my meds. Lastly, is there a difference when crushing the Oxy. Is there a better way to take the meds. or is there a rotation of ways that is better than just swollowing them all daily, they are not time released and do you recommend time released since I feel like I am taking pills all day. Thanx AGAIN ! ~(D)~
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12/ 6/12 11:58am

Hi Dee,


Here's a direct link to the question box on the MS site. I just don't have MS background that I'm able to provide input. . .but maybe someone else here on the heart disease site will jump in!


MS question page -


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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