• SheBGB13 SheBGB13
    February 26, 2014
    Why do my BM's cause me extreme nausea?
    SheBGB13 SheBGB13
    February 26, 2014

    My situation, started 2.5 years ago. It does not seem to be related to stress, as during calm times I still have episodes, however it does seem to occur more often during stressful times. Two and a half years ago it started, and within two months I lost 18 pounds. I have weight to spare, but this was not healthy or intentional. Between my OBGYN, and physician, they did a lapro and ended up pulling my appendix. It was folded and wrapped in scar tissue. No ER visits for pain ever showed high WBC's but upon exam it had clearly been angry at times. Nothing else substantial came up with the lap. The problem immediately faded after surgery, only mildly reoccurring 9-12 months later. Now over two years later, it's happened 5-6 times randomly, until now. I'm under a lot of stress, unable to exercise regularly (limited to swimming) as I'm recovering from an ankle fracture/surgery, and my bad knee on the opposite leg is swollen painful trouble. Physically, lol I'm a hot mess, all due to roller derby which I'm itching to get back into.  Anyway, I'm back into the daily torture of getting sick now. It's starting to get as intense as it was years ago, and I'm scared. 

    Here's what's happening, with luck something will trigger a connection for you and I'll find some light! I have the urge to have a BM. I sit down, start going (soft normal stools, or occasionally constipated) and within seconds I'm hit with a tidal wave of nausea, mouth floods, body is hot, I struggle to keep stomach contents down (terrified of vomiting, I rarely drink because of that fear) and often I end up lying on the cold floor or sticking my head in the tub to vomit. I then need 15-20 minutes to calm my system down, all the while I feel the need to evacuate even if I'm empty. I remain nauseous for hours, finding myself starving once it resides.



  • Tara Aschenbrenner, RN
    Health Guide
    February 28, 2014
    Tara Aschenbrenner, RN
    Health Guide
    February 28, 2014

    Hi SheBGB13:


    These are some interesting symptoms you are experiencing. I wish I could tell you exactly what is going on, but this doesn't sound common. Even though it concerns you to see the doctor and what they may think, I think it would be in your best interest to be evaluated because of how miserable you are. There very well may be an underlying cause that wasn't discovered 2.5 years ago. Did they do a colonscopy to see if everything was okay in the colon/rectal area, since you get sick when defecating?  I also strongly encourage you, if you get nowhere with your doctor, to seek a second opinion. You need to feel you can trust your doctor and that they are knowledgeable on the issues you are having.

    Please let me know if you get an updated diagnosis!

    Best Regards,

    Tara, RN

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