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Friday, January 29, 2010 Christa, Community Member, asks

Q: Shooting Pain under left breast

Sporadicly I get a shooting pain under my left breast. The pain lasts for no more then 10 seconds. The few seconds I get the pain it is hard to breath and breathing just makes the pain sharper. The pain occurs randomly and doesnt happen when I do certain things. It sort of just comes out of nowhere. Does anyone have any clue what this could be? I have a doctors appt. soon but just looking to get some insight until I do. Thanks

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1/31/10 12:41pm

HI: Christa:  rarely is shooting pain that lasts 10 seconds from the heart or serious.  It generally is a musculoskeletal pain.  Try chiropractic, massage, ibuprofen. 


I hope this helps.


See my blog posting on Sharp Chest pains.  It will answer many questions.


Dr. Kirk Laman

megshoo87, Community Member
2/19/10 12:56am

hi christa, im a nursing student right now, so i would say it wouldnt be very wise to take my advice and opinions as the gospel, lol! been to that doctors appt. yet? ever think it may be trapped gas or anxiety? not to rule out a heart attack or a potential heart problem, but it may simply be gas or anxiety. best of luck! hope all turns out well!

SeptemberGurl, Community Member
2/20/10 4:31pm

FWIW, I get the exact pain you described maybe once every other month or so.  My doctor said it was not heart-related but after some pleading he finally relented and sent me for a battery of tests.  Long story short, I still don't know the cause but they convinced me that it has nothing to do with my heart.


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