• Adela Gillies Adela Gillies
    January 09, 2009
    Does pain in the calf mean it's signs of a stroke
    Adela Gillies Adela Gillies
    January 09, 2009

    My husband had a sharp pain across his chest and back, cold sweat around the back of his neck and numbness in his left arm.  He is now experiencing pain in his left calf.



  • Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    January 16, 2009
    Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    January 09, 2009

    Adela Gillies,


    Thanks for your question.


    This is not a stroke.


    I am concerned about your husband's symptoms.  They could indicate a heart problem.  If these pains are lasting less than 15 minutes, this could be angina, chest pain caused by blockages in the coronary arteries feeding the heart muscle.  If this discomfort lasts more than 15 minutes, he should go to an emergency room as this might be a heart attack.


    The presence of calf pain throws another possibility into the mix.  This could be unrelated and just a local muscle problem.  Another possibility is a blood clot in the leg that has broken off and traveled to the lung which can cause many of the symptoms described in your posted question.  This would be a medical emergency and your husband should seek medical attention as soon as possible.


    Either way, contact his physician and apprise him of the your husband's symptoms.  He will know the next steps that need to be taken.


    Best wishes.


    Martin Cane, M.D.


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