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Friday, May 20, 2011 Barb, Community Member, asks

Q: My 17 year old has a blood pressure of 70/43. This has happened in the past and her dr doesnt seem concerned about it. Should I be concerned.

We have had her in for numerous testing. She complained of chest pains when she was in 7th grade. She wore a heart monitor and the drs found no abnormalities. She has had several episodes of fainting. over the years. We thought it might be siezures and had a neurological test done but found nothing. We then thought this was foar attention and had her see a counselor. ONe weekend we brought her to the Emergency room after she had passed out. She then began to vomit and had whit foam looking fluid coming from her mouth. The ER dr found nothing. The next weekend we took her BP and it was low anywhere from 80/60 down to 73/51. She complained of feeling tingles in her hair and was very tired. Im sure Im missing alot. we contacted the nurse advice line and they wanted us to monitor. Her BP went back up again and when we went to see her Dr. a couple weeks later she had a bad bladder infection. IM at a loss as to what to think or if I should be concerned. My husband thinks its becasue she doesnt eat well, drink enough fluids ore exercise enough. She is apx 5'7 and weighs 125 pounds.

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5/22/11 4:08pm

Hi Barb,


Dehydration can cause blood pressure to be low, so that is a potential connection. However, I do think it's worth consulting her physician to investigate further or consider seeking a second opinion. The average blood pressure for a 17 year-old girl is 111/66 mm Hg.


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Lyndal, Community Member
10/ 4/11 5:23am

My daughter had heart palpataions and dizzy spells since she was 13 years of age. She was admitted to hopsital for 2 weeks because her blood pressure was 60/35 and was very unstable. No diagnosis could be made so they said she had chronic fatigue and possibly depression. 4 years later I persisted and got another opinion, back to the heart specialist and it was discovered she had WPW syndrome which is an extra pathway from the heart looping back into the heart so the blood was pumping in a loop and not getting to her entire body, hence cold feet all the time and the low blood pressure. She has since had surgery and has been in perfect health since. This was diagnosed from a simple ECG but had to see an electrophysiologist who specialises in the electrical current system in the heart. Good luck but persist because it is worth it. This ECG reading was missed by 3 separate doctors when she was 13. Very frustrating apparently symtoms increases during puberty.

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