• Jackie Jackie
    December 12, 2011
    I would like to know if people with structurally sound hearts can still have a possiblity of a dangerous arrhythmia. If so what types please. I do have pvcs but Im curious about others. thank u
    Jackie Jackie
    December 12, 2011



  • edward February 08, 2012
    February 08, 2012

    My name Is Ed I had a perfect heart and in excellent health at 37 I developed after activity adrenaline induced. kind of let it go for about a hour but started to feel faint and weak I drove myself to the hospital Barely they took my heart rate and it was 321bpm after that I collapsed since then I have had 8 ablations 1 more this month feb 28 and 29 this will be the 9 I have been on almost every anti arythmic drug out the past 2 were experimental. I played baseball,football,wrestled, semi pro football in europe, I'served in the military and have been in conflict.  I have afib,atrial futter,atrial tach inboth lft&right, ventricular,fib,flutter,tach,lft&right. In my opinion yes one day everthing is perfect and the next everything is wrong...... any more questions email,  dwrd_okeefe@yahoo.com

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