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Saturday, April 26, 2008 neny, Community Member, asks

Q: I get chest pains and tingling in the arms that comes and goes Is that a sign of a heart attack?

Lately  I been having a lot of chest pains is like a pressure in the chest that stays for a couple of minutes and then goes away and the same thing happens to my arms they feel like numb or sometimes like tingling I don't know is a rare sensation.

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KRAZYKAT, Community Member
4/30/08 4:05am


Christopher, Community Member
6/23/08 7:05pm

First, get checked out!


Then, to give a short answer . . . it depends on where the pressure is and how it feels.  There is something called "referred" pain, and that means you feel the sensation somewhere else than where it originates.  The numbness and tingling sounds suspiciously like you are having and anxierty attack--the sensations are called "parastethias."  Anxiety (or panic) attacks can come out of the blue for no reason.  Does it feel like it's difficult to breathe as well?  Because when the attack happens, you are atually getting TOO MUCH oxygen.  But without the benefit of a complete blood work up and ECG (EKG), then there is no way of knowing how serious or benign your situation is.

Eiri, Community Member
5/ 7/14 8:47pm

I've been having the same problem for about a week now. I get chest pains and odd sensations in my left arm that come and go ( most often at night ) and theybhave me slightly worried; but I've been to the doctor and the E.R. multiple times for the same reason and have had an EKG, chest x ray, blood test AND urine test done to be sure absolutely nothing was wrong with me and for awhile it helped calm my nerves. But since it's started up again out of the blue it has me worried that something could have developed between my last E.R. visit ( which was around the end of last month ) to now, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if I go back again, they'll just tell me it's anxity related again ( like they have every time I've gone in the last three months ). I know it's not an answer, but I wanted you to know you're not alone in this, and hopefully we can get a definite answer together.

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