• Nokie16 Nokie16
    June 18, 2009
    Can evidence of a possible undiagnosed stroke leave markers in an eye exam?
    Nokie16 Nokie16
    June 18, 2009

    In 2004 I was experiencing chronic fatigue which I associated with a deep depression that kept me bedridden most of the time. Other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, feeling lightheaded and dizzy, I attributed to lack of movement. One morning as my husband awakened me from sleep I felt a sensation in the back upper part of my head that felt like something had burst inside my head. It wasn't exactly painful, more like being smacked in the head unexpectedly followed by a sense of being in a daze.

    As I got out of bed I felt clumsy and had a sense of weakness one my right side and was unable to speak. I remember tears and also a sense of one side of my face (right eye/mouth) feeling droopy.

    Later that day I told my daughter about the incident and also was aware that my right arm/shoulder felt weak. In the months to follow my overall symptoms became worse and I went to a doctor advising I was having more symptoms (numbness/tingling in arms/heart flutters, ashen color) and also referred to the earlier episode. My thoughts were that something was wrong with my heart, and my belief I had suffered a TIA.

    Over 3 visits in two weeks, my eyes were never checked. Just blood work & a chest x-ray. Was told nothing was wrong.

    Suffice to say, months later as my heart attack symptoms worsened, went to a new doctor and in a 2 weeks period had repeated EKG's & blood tests, followed by a chest x-ray and was diagnosed with GERD, due to my constant daily heart burn worsening.

    Was never given an eye exam or referred to a cardiologist. Told my heart was 99.999% and all my problems were due to depression (EffexoR & Nexium) and acid reflux.

    Days later I suffered a major heart attack with a 100% blockage (Angioplasty/stent)in my right ventricle.  

    Follow up with an ongoing cardiologist with the diagnosis of CHF and atherosclerosis. When I told of prior TIA symptoms, did receive testing of carotid arteries and was told they were okay. To date, I have yet to have a doctor do an eye exam.

    Recently a friend was told by his doctor at his annual exam that there was visual evidence he had suffered a stroke and was he having any problems caused by it.


    I was shocked to hear this. Thus my question?  



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