• dissertation_mad dissertation_mad
    January 27, 2009
    difference between CHD and coronary atherosclerosis
    dissertation_mad dissertation_mad
    January 27, 2009

    What is the difference between coronary heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis, or are they the same?



  • Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    January 28, 2009
    Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    January 28, 2009

    Hi dissertation_mad,


    Coronary heart disease is the broad term that covers diseases affecting the vessels of the heart.  Atherosclerosis as well as arteriosclerosis and artery blockage, arterial inflammation, etc. all fall under coronary heart disease.


    Coronary atherosclerosis refers specifically to the thickening or hardening of the arterial wall which leads to narrowing of the vessels and blood flow impairment.



    Check out the link below to learn more details related to heart disease:




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    Lisa Nelson, RD

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