• Lynne Meeks Lynne Meeks
    January 02, 2009
    What causes numbness and chest pressure?
    Lynne Meeks Lynne Meeks
    January 02, 2009

    My husband has had several occurrances where he feels a numbness in his shoulders, arms and a squeezing pressure in his chest area.  Is this a warning sign of a possible heart attack?  He says when he feels this that it is hard to lift his arms from his side, like they are "dead weight." It subsides in 30 seconds to a minute.  I would appreciate any help.



  • Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    January 04, 2009
    Martin Cane, M.D.
    Health Pro
    January 04, 2009

    Lynne Meeks,

    Thanks for your question.

    Your husband's symptoms certainly raise concern that he might have heart disease.  This could be a form of angina pectoris (chest pain caused by blockages in the coronary arteries that feed the heart muscle).

    I suggest he make an appointment with his physician for an evaluation that will include a history, physical examination, and an electrocardiogram.  He/she will probably arrange for further tests to include blood work and a stress test.  Once this information is obtained, his doctor will know what the situation is.  If his heart checks out alright, then other causes can be investigated. 

    Until seen, I would recommend that your husband avoid any strenuous activity or heavy lifting.


    Best wishes.


    Martin Cane, M.D.  

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