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Friday, August 14, 2009 Patsy1960, Community Member, asks

Q: Teenage girl 14 possible low blood pressure

My 14 year old Daughter is lightheaded her blood pressure is 99/63 is that too low she is 5'5' and weights 115 lbs.

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
8/17/09 11:49am

Hi Patsy1960,


Here is a link to a table showing typical blood pressures for boys and girls - http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/hypertension/child_tbl.pdf.


The average blood pressure for a 14 yo girl is ~109/64.  That doesn't mean 99/63 is too low.  I recommend discussing with her physician.  Other possible reasons for lightheadedness can be low blood sugar or dehydration.


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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Martha, Community Member
1/20/11 7:58pm

My Girl of 15 year BP is 90/70 , In my reseach  i found out that average BP for a 15 year old is 120/80 i am realy worried about her. I would consider 99/63 as too low for a 14 year old too  .  we realy need to find out what is going on about our girls  befor it is too late

GG, Community Member
5/17/11 7:36pm

Have either of you considered Dyautonomia?  Teenage girls can be tested to see if they have POTS. Check out a list of symptoms at http://www.dinet.org/symptoms.htm.  Go through the symptoms with your daughter. If she as a lot of them take it to her doctors and ask for a tilt tabel test to confirm or rule it out. It is a very scary disorder. I have it and so does my 13 year old daughter.  We hae found taht most doctors are not familiar with it.  But at that site you can find a lot of doctors that speciailize adn treat it.


Hope this helps and I pray your daughter get some effective treatement soon, if they have nto already.


Memellow98, Community Member
8/ 9/12 10:59am

I also having the same problem here. I am 14 yo girl and an asian . My blood pressure always in low level. I don't know why although both of my parents are working in hospital, they don't know what kind of disease I have. Once I had blood taken but the result showed nothing happens to me ( but some of results like glucose, albumin are showed lower than normal). So, my father decides to blood taken me once again soon (this time blood test for checking whether I have anemia,thalassemia or leukemia). When I checking through the blood pressure reader, my systolic blood pressure always showed in between 70-80. For diastolic 40-60.

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