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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Tim, Community Member, asks

Q: Brief left ear lobe pain.

Is a one-second shooting pain (sharp tingle), repeated one or two times, in the left ear lobe, a pending heart attack symptom? -- Tim --

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J, Community Member
8/ 2/09 11:53pm

For the last year I have been having intermittent shooting pain in my left external ear lobe. It has been becoming increasingly more frequent, to the point of almost daily. It lasts a few seconds, then may go away, or recur. I have searched on the internet and found nothing. Your post is the first I have seen that described it. Last time at dr. (2 years) all was well with heart. I am 47, female.

heartsis100, Community Member
2/20/14 10:09am

I too suffer this, but in both ears. It seems to occur more frequently during allergy seasons or when i'm about to get sick. The only think that really helps me is to pinch my earlobe firmly for about 30 seconds each time it occurs and take two alieve to block some of the pain. Hope this helps. None of my doctors knew what it was since it isn't inside the ear. Just know you are not alone!

hani nazira, Community Member
9/27/09 8:58am

im 17. i also have been having shooting pain in my left external ear lobe. but just for sometimes. it has been started few years ago. i dont remember when. can i get heart attack in this young age? i dont know if its possible. but i've been facing a lot of stress since i was still a young kid.

TC, Community Member
1/12/10 11:59pm

I am a diabetic since 1998. Last year Sep 2009 I did a Eco Cardiagram & Tradmill test.

I was ok.


Now, last few weeks having pain in external ear lobe, both sides. Also has Cheek swelling.


What can be the reason.

sandy2bfree, Community Member
10/16/10 5:34pm

ME too!! I have had it for years but it is SO infrequent that  I forget about it but then it comes back in a matter of months or even longer. It's piercing and literally lasts only a second or two at a time. I would be grateful for any advise or answers for this.  :)


Sharon, Community Member
4/ 2/12 12:45am
Have you ever figured out the cause? This is happening to me now. Reply
LST, Community Member
6/28/13 4:16am

I don't know any of you are still reading this.  I have experienced this shooting pain on my outer left ear lobe.  It usually is fine in the morning when I wake up but as the day progresses the shooting pain comes back.  It normally starts around noon and by evening the frequency becomes much more.


I am of Chinese-descent working in China.  I have sought help from both western and Chinese medicine.  Western doctor gave me anti-histamine and some cream which is supposed to curb inflammation.  This didn't work at all.  The western Doctor could not provide a specific diagnosis as no wounds or visible inflammation were found.  The Chinese doctor however said the following:


- If one has problems/injuries on cervical vertebra, chronic or not, may experience this.  Ones with strains or injuries in the neck, shoulder, back areas, may also experience this.  Home remedies available in such cases include: washing your hair/head with hot water 38-40 deg C (we use metric this part of the world), using a hair dryer to blow hot air to ear/side of head/neck/shoulder region, in conjuction with some simple massages to the areas.  This is supposed to help blood circulation.


- If not due to strains on injuries, the frequent or infrequent throbbing/shooting pain around the ear lope or areas around the ear may be caused by vasodilation or expansion of arteries (am using google translate so bear with me on the terminologies).   The Chinese doctor suggested  a "top cold bottom hot" treatment.  A good way to do this is to use ice-packs or a cold towel applied to the area of discomfort and the forehead, and at the same time.  A can of cold beer or soda will do the trick as well.  Use a hot towel applied to the heels or immerse both feet into hot water will complete the action.  If for some reason one cannot take the cold on the top areas, try immersing both hands and both feet into hot water.  All these will help blood flow downwards from top and contract the arteries that expanded at the top.


- Recommend taking hot baths from 20-30 minutes, which will help blood circulation all around.


- Have sufficient sleep and rest, reduce intake of cold food/beverages, find ways to relax and reduce stress, avoid over-straining eyes are generally useful in reducing this sympton.


The Chinese doctor did not prescribe any herbal medicine for me and thank goodness for that since I can't really stand the taste of it.  So in the absence of Chinese herbal medicine, the above is recommended.

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