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Saturday, September 06, 2008 jrh2487, Community Member, asks

Q: I have pain on the left side of the left breast and directly behind that area in my back. What is it

For the past week when I am exercising in daily activity ( carrying groceries, cleaning the house, hanging laundry I get sharp pains on the left side of the left breast and under the left breast and directly behind the left breast in my back.  I am a 63 year old woman who had gastric by pass and am 200 lbs.  I drink wine in the evening and do not smoke.  Some times I get shortness of breath when carrying groceries in the house and there are allot of bags.

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Neil MD, Health Pro
9/ 7/08 4:44pm

Hello jrh2487,


Chest pain is always a concerning symptoms, and with a proper questioning and a physical examination can a doctor say what is wrong with you.


Concerning symptoms for cardiac causes of chest pain included left-sided pain that is described as pressure or tightness.  Also, pain radiating to the jaw or arm, nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath and sweating are signs that your heart might be causing your symptoms.

However these symptoms are certainly not the only manifestations of heart problems!  Especially in women and people with diabetes, heart problems have many different and less serious-seeming presentations.

Symptoms that are less concerning for cardiac causes of chest pain include pain reproduced by palpation, pain caused by recent trauma to your chest wall, or pain that becomes worse or better depending on the position of your body.

For your own piece of mind, and to diagnose what is causing your pain, make an appointment with your physician for this week  And if you cannot get an appointment with your doctor, the pain does not get better, or certainly if it gets worse, go to your your local ER.


To your health,

Neil MD

Pat rika Darbo, Community Member
10/14/08 1:21am

I'm looking for answer. I don't know and want to know.


mary, Community Member
1/ 3/12 1:55am

experiencing sharp pain on left side of body above the breast and same area in the back.

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