• susan susan
    May 09, 2010
    i have had a pain like a sharp stabbing pain just under my left breast,it comes and goes
    susan susan
    May 09, 2010

    i have had this pain before and it is really annoying,i often wonder if it serious,when it comes and goes it is like a contraction,has anyone any idea what it could be?



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  • scarhead May 10, 2010
    May 10, 2010

    Hello, Susan!  While I am no doctor, I have had similiar pains that seem to come and go for no reason.  It's been about 6 months for me, I've been to the ER several times and all tests (chest x-ray, EKG and blood tests)came back fine.  Unfortunately, there is a wide range of causes of chest pain and it would be impossible for someone to diagnose you through a message.  I would suggest you go to your doctor and let them run tests, to find out exactly what is causing it.  But I agree it is very annoying and if you worry about it too much, you could possibly perpetuate your pains.  Go to the doctor to be sure.  Have a blessed day!

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