• Dorothy Dorothy
    May 03, 2008
    My cholesterol is 299 and I can't eat bread products, can someone come up with a diet plan?
    Dorothy Dorothy
    May 03, 2008


  • Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    May 26, 2008
    Lisa Nelson
    Health Pro
    May 03, 2008

    Hi Dorothy, The "no breads" has thrown me for a loop, too.


    Are your triglycerides especially high? If so, then it is important to follow something along the lines of a diabetic diet. That might be where the "no bread products" comes from.


    In this case, it is not that you can not have grain products, but you need to choose whole grains - 100% whole wheat bread, whole grain pastas, etc. Limit the simple sugars - soda, baked goods, candy, juice, etc.


    All the best,


    Lisa Nelson, RD, LN

    Lower Cholesterol, Control Blood Pressure, Lose Weight

  • Melanie Thomassian
    Health Guide
    May 06, 2008
    Melanie Thomassian
    Health Guide
    May 03, 2008

    Hi Dorothy,


    I'm just wondering why you can't eat bread products?


    Here are some previous articles I've written on lowering cholesterol, however they're not specific to a low carb diet:






    I look forward to hearing from you again.


    Melanie Thomassian

    Registered Dietitian


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