• Amanda Amanda
    July 08, 2008
    I have chest pain, shoots thru shoulder, feels like my lower ribs keep pop out of place, ekg wasgood
    Amanda Amanda
    July 08, 2008

    I'm only 26, and I've already been seen a few times about this. I'm waiting to see a pulmonary doctor, but other doctors don't seem to see anything wrong.

    I have a chest pain that shoots through my shoulder. It feels like my lower ribs keep popping out of place. I occasionally have a racing heart, and hot flashes and come and go, leaving me feeling dizzy. When it first started I suspected that I'd popped a rib out of place because I was having a tough time breathing and thought really stretching it would help. Then I felt a pop and have been miserable ever since. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Can anyone offer feedback?

    Thank You!




  • Marlana December 08, 2008
    December 08, 2008

    I am now 37 years old, but began experiencing similar pains when I was about 23.  I had all kinds of stress tests, blood tests, scans, and monitors.  I was diagnosed with "anxiety."  I would have symptoms during the day, while sleeping, and they progressively became worse over time.  The only medication that helped me was Lorazipan and Busbar.  (Spelling is probably incorrect.)  The Lorazipan was addictive, so I was taken off that and was put on Busbar, which wasn't near as effective as the Lorazipan.  I became pregnant and was a "witts end," when I decided it was time for me to find an alternative.  I chose natural medicine, homeopathic remedies, and it absolutely worked!  It took a couple of weeks for me to really feel the effects of the remedy I was taking, but it was the best $300 I have ever spent in my life!  I would so recommend that you take this route and atleast try it.  You'll never be the same.  I still have a bit of anxiety once every 3 to 6 months, but it's not daily - most of the day.  Most importantly - pray.  God hears prayers and answers in His timing!  Blessings.

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