• mich mich
    April 08, 2011
    my dad died of a brain stem stroke 5 days after been admitted to hospital an given tablets for arterial fibulation could this stroke been avoided
    mich mich
    April 08, 2011
    admitted to hospital monday kept in and observed overnight let out tuesday given tablets for arterial fibulation and a follow up appointment to see consultant for 1 week later however my father was rushed to hospital thursday and died of a brain stem stroke READ MORE



  • calif July 26, 2011
    July 26, 2011

      First Iam so sorry for your loss.My husband  who 47 years old suffered a brain stem stroke june 2011.i will tell you what i have learned so far.FIRST and FOREMOST!!! proper diagnosis and proper treatment and get them to the hospital asap since this strokes leads to death pretty quickly.my husband  was treated immediately with a heaving duty clot busting formula  given through iv ( at this point we were not even sure if it was brain stem stroke ) but a ct scan or mri will give an idea -stabilized and then sent to another hospital via ambulance in another town that night.He had to undergo three surgeries the last one was a brain stem stint. They're usually signs that it is a brain stem stroke some or all vertigo  imbalance dizzy spells double vision.My husband was having dizzy spells 3 weeks before.He had plaque build up and diseased arteries  stenosis high ldl levels bad chloresteral. We were told that he was really lucky mostly to do with his young age alot of people pass from this type of stroke because they are not treated quickly enough. Iam wondering why he was ever released from the hospital doesnt sound right

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