• Tracey Tracey
    June 01, 2009
    i have had 2 heart attacks,6 stents,coronary artery disease, angina, what is my long term prognosis
    Tracey Tracey
    June 01, 2009

    i am a 45 year old woman, over the last 4 years i have had 2 heart attacks i have 6 stents thses have been fitted over the last 3 years,coronary artery disease and angina which seems to be more unstable over the last 4- 6 weeks, i have low blood pressure 90/58 on a good day.what is my long term prognosis?




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  • Mike Farris November 23, 2009
    Mike Farris
    November 23, 2009

    Hello Tracey,

    Given your medical history, it's obvious that the treatment you have received is not working. You need to take charge of your health and educate yourself  if you want a positive outcome. Start with this website: www.GreatHealth-Tour.com/mfarris

    Yours for Great Health,


  • Peyton October 23, 2010
    October 23, 2010

    Tracey,I am a 46 year old male and had my 1st heart attack at 45 with 3 stents and my second at 46 with 4 stents,heart damage with 30% heart function.I have always had a problem with my blood pressure in the 90/60 range and was worse after 1st heart attack continued to go downhill.After several frustrated doctors could not controll my primary care DR. on a routine blood test realized that I had very low cortisol levels(3 test following confirmed)secondary adrenal or addisons.Since then I now in addition to all the heart drugs 50 mg of hydrocortisone a day.My blood pressure is better 100/70,not as dizzy,not as tired but better than before.I question the same thing-How Long ? and always get the same answer "you have a lot of stuff going on" guess that means make the best of it.

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