• Kay Kay
    October 02, 2008
    Why does the heart skip beats sometimes?
    Kay Kay
    October 02, 2008

    Occasionally my heart skips a beat (about a second or two).  I don' t think it used to do this.  I'm 70 years old in excellent health (low cholestral and no high blood pressure; never smoked and exercise 6 days a week).



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  • Louis Garofolo October 11, 2008
    Louis Garofolo
    October 11, 2008

    I don't know.

  • ALLIENE RIVERS October 09, 2008
    October 09, 2008
  • live_love_laugh February 04, 2009
    February 04, 2009

    It's perfectly normal.  If you're only just now experiencing this and you're 70 years old, you are in excellent health.  It happens every day to millions of people, young and old (although it happens more often the older you get) because of stress, caffeine, emotions, or any other number of reasons.  The name of this is premature ventricular contractions, which means that your heart gets the signal to beat again a tiny bit too soon and so it flubs up your rhythm.  As long as it goes back to normal within a beat or two, it's like 90% you're perfectly fine.  If you were younger I'd say don't even worry about it, but because you are 70 I'm going to say don't worry about it but go see a doctor if you find you can't forget about it, because on occasion, (very rarely) it can be a symptom of some underlying heart problem. 

  • Caroil44 October 10, 2008
    October 10, 2008



    this is normal

  • Joe Robles October 09, 2008
    Joe Robles
    October 09, 2008

    I had a heart attack on July 3,2008 and I am worried about my diet. I am worried if I am eating Right or Wrong .

  • Nonnie May 15, 2014
    May 15, 2014

    I am 67 and mine does the same.  I only noticed it while soaking in the bathtub.  I had my ears in the water and I could hear the beats really well.  I think it only happens in the bathtub but I guess since it has happened a few times in the last year I'll go check it out.   Let me know what the doctor tells you.

  • Big Red June 14, 2012
    Big Red
    June 14, 2012

    If it happens frequently, or continues for a prolonged period of time, see your doctor as soon as possible.  It could be atrial fibrillation, which -- while treatable with beta blockers and anticoagulants -- can increase your risk of stroke.  I know, because I have A-fib.  Your condition may be something much simpler, but it's best to find out for sure.

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