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Monday, August 11, 2008 dispatcher911, Community Member, asks

Q: When I first go to bed, if I lay on my right side my heart skips beats Why?

If I lay on my back for a few minutes, then I can turn onto my side with no problems.  When my heart is skipping beats, I also feel like I need to cough.  Is this normal or should I be concerned.  I a a female, 57 years old.  I am a 911 dispatcher, work nights. I sleep from 6:30 am to about 1:30 to 2:00p.

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James Axe, Community Member
8/11/08 6:36pm

Hello,Are you sure you possob;y dont have a hyatinal hernia?Or it cpold be possible that it might be a change in you blood pressure going from laying flat to moving on your side,I was having weird problems for quite awhilw with when I rolled over onto my right side I was suddenly getting pains that were running up the right side of my heart and at times up into my neck also,i was so far told of having chronic pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and the arteries on the right side of my heart are enlarged,I also recently under went a Heart cath,as 1st the tread mill stress test ansd sonagram showed a blockage in the right side of my Heart but when they did the cath they couldnt find.I go back at the end of this month to the Heart Dr.for the results they did say i have a slight artery disease and my Heart isnt as strong as it sj=hould be but i have so manty weird problrems along with this,fatiqye ans alot od other things,so far im not sure what'sgoing on,but i would get your doctor to check this out ASAP

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