• lola lola
    August 28, 2010
    my total cholesterol is 246 but my HDL is 87, should i be worried?
    lola lola
    August 28, 2010


  • Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    August 28, 2010
    Lisa Nelson, RD, LN
    Health Pro
    August 28, 2010

    Hi Lola,


    I recommend discussing a comprehensive lipid panel with your physician to look at your cholesterol particle sizes. This will give you a better idea of whether or not your cholesterol is healthy or not. Yes, your elevated total cholesterol may be related to your high HDL levels; however, there are "good" and "bad" forms of HDL cholesterol and the only way to know yours is through a comprehensive lipid panel.


    All the best,

    Lisa Nelson RD

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  • MrQuadruple September 08, 2010
    September 08, 2010

    You look a bit high, but your missing your LDL figure, and your Triglyceride figure in-order to tell.


    They should give you 4 figures:


    1- Total Cholesterol (which should be under 200)

    2- LDL/bad plaque (which should be under 85)

    3- HDL/good (which should be OVER 40)

    4- Triglyceride/fat (which should be under 150)


    Your HDL is GREAT, but still your Cholesterol of 246 should really be under 200.

    So if I was to say worry or not to worrry, I say worry.

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