• Dr. Kirk Laman: Wholehearted Cardiologist
    Health Pro
    October 01, 2009
    Dr. Kirk Laman: Wholehearted Cardiologist
    Health Pro
    October 01, 2009

    Damion:  high blood pressure is diagnosed when the systolic BP goes above 140mm or when the diastolic BP is above 90mm hg.


    There is no absolute value that says a person should go to the hospital.  But if a person has symptoms of chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, or confusion- they should seek immediate medical attention.


    I have pulled this from UPToDate a resource for physicians:  "Severe hypertension (often defined as systolic blood pressure ≥180 mmHg and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥120 mmHg) can produce a variety of acute, life-threatening complications, which are considered hypertensive emergencies. These include hypertensive encephalopathy, retinal hemorrhages, papilledema, and acute renal failure."


    So if a person's blood pressure is above these levels they should seek immediate care.


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    • damion
      October 03, 2009
      October 03, 2009

      thank you so much doc ill be sure to follow your instructions.My name is Damian im a 22 year old male living with hbp for about one year my doc had me on hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg. once a day.this weekend we had a party and i started too drink bud light, i dont know how many but i was drunk.the next day my bp was 153/100 i felt very sick i know your mad but sorry.I was in bed all day drinkinkig water my bp come down 130/90 still a bit high i was felling dizzy with a slite shortness of breath felt like going to the hospital but was'nt sure if i was overiacting or not so just took a aspirin 81 mg.that help out. But before all that i had been feeling sick on a on and off basis.My symptoms are feeling weak,lightheaded,disoriented,pain on both of legs they feel like when i was a small boy and my legs were growing. When i rest i feel better again.My doc have done blood test but always tell me that everything comes out in normal limites i get blood test every 3 months and they tell me every thing is fine but i dont feel like that.I use to do illigal drugs for about three years back in my high school but i grew out of it.i went to er on 6/16/2009 this is what the doctors said EKG showed RBBB and LVH, CXR no cardiomegaly or acute process. Tbili elevated at 2.6, LFTs mildly elevated. UTZ and 2D Echo. whatever that means but i had a ultra sound exam performed on heart and kidneys, they said everything come out fine so know im dont know what my problem really is. Just whant to feel like my self again im scared that its canser or something more worse. the end.                      thank you.     

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