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Q: Can congestive heart failure cause a feeling of swelling out under the ribs, left upper quadrant ?

feel like cracked ribs?, short of breath, cant get back up from squatting position, never had that problem until like 3 months ago, have gained 60 lbs in 9 months, have been on Tegretol for 16 years for Anger, understand it can cause congestive heart failure, break out in sweats all the time, everything makes me short of breath, look 6 or 7 months pregnant and while I am leaning down slightly to keyboard, it is killing my ribs and upper stomach area ? What is this ?

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5/22/11 4:13pm

Hi Rhotonanita,


I encourage you to contact your physician ASAP to determine the cause of your symptoms. Here is a link to information:


Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

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rhotonanita, Community Member
5/23/11 7:24am

Thank you Linda,


I have been to the urgent care clinic here and the ambulanced me to the Emergency in the next large city, Unfortunately I stayed for another 7 hrs and just couldnt stand the sitting any a chair any longer and they had so many people there every bed was full in back with people lining hallways in stretchers too and waiting room comletely full, I just couldnt stand another 5 hers of sitting straight up so I left but am going back today, Monday, to see if the doctors can pull up all the test they did. ekg, chest e-rays, all kinda blood work - 8 tubes, urine test. I will go and stay this time till I get an answer, this is very scary, they also told me from some blood test in Jan or Feb that I have Hyponatremia, low blood sodium and that it is not because I am waterlogged as some people led me to beleive. Thank you very much for your suggestions and the site you sent me to.  Thank you, Anita Rhoton, if you want to write me anything else, any suggestions, I bought lots of sport drinks this weekend and I have some water pills, but I need to get the kind the doctor wants me to have. thank you again

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