• NewbyStressed NewbyStressed
    April 26, 2010
    mild pain in chest while laying down
    NewbyStressed NewbyStressed
    April 26, 2010

    When sleeping at night I'm suddenly waken by mild pain in my chest while also experiance a tingling ache down my left arm and hand. This only happens while lying down and supsids upon sitting up. I have been dianose with sleep apnea, Gerd, pre hypertension. I am 37 years old and takig medication for everything. My doctor has me wearing wrist bands to hopfully rule out CTS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as being the cuase. So far the wrist bands are not helping, Does anyone else have these symtoms?



  • MonicaRD
    Health Pro
    April 27, 2010
    Health Pro
    April 27, 2010

    Hi NewbyStressed,


    I am not having these symptoms, but I just wanted to take a second to encourage you to keep on top of this issue.  If you have not been seen by a cardiologist to rule out and heart issues, I encourage you to either as your physician to refer you to one, or ask your physician to run some cardiac tests. While it may actually be related to your CTS, you should still at least ask your physician to rule out any heart problems since you are having chest pain.


    Best of luck,

    Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN


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