• lisa lisa
    April 02, 2010
    What can cause a severe cough with clear mucus?
    lisa lisa
    April 02, 2010

    I have a bad cough with lots of clear mucus fluid being coughed up.  This happens mostly at night when I lie down.  It began as a dry cough, then seemed to turn into a cold, now into week four I have bad coughing fits that come on suddenly and I spit up a lot of clear fluid....watery like... yet still mucousy. This lasts for one to three minutes: coughing, then sneezing, loss of bladder control, and the clear fluid.



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  • salonpatty April 03, 2010
    April 03, 2010

    For almost seven weeks I have been taking Mucinex and Claritin thinking that I am having allergies to pollen. Mmm well then I remembered my doctor changed my b/p meds to a generic. I stopped taking that and lo and behold in three days it's practically gone!.. On the other hand it is spring and pollen is out there.. Good Luck!

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