• veve veve
    May 02, 2008
    how many beats per minute is normal for a small woman of 110
    veve veve
    May 02, 2008

    what is normal for heart rate beats per minute for a small woman of 110  I feel like my heart rate is very high, I checked my blood pressure and it was 89bpm but it doesn't feel normal



  • ABush
    May 02, 2008
    May 02, 2008

    Hi Veve,


    Thanks for your question. According to an article on normal heart rates on on our site,


    "Your resting heart rate is best described as the number of times your heart beats per minute when you are in a fully relaxed physical and mental state. For the typical adult (older than 18), this value usually ranges between 60 and 100 times per minute. Younger ages, however, are strongly associated with higher normal resting heart rates. Normal rates can be as high as 160 beats per minute for infants and 120 beats per minute for children. Females also tend to have slightly higher heart rates than males, as do individuals with higher body masses."


    For more clarification, please read the whole article. As always, also check with your doctor if you suspect anything abnormal. Goodluck!


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