• Aimee Poor Aimee Poor
    April 17, 2009
    What does it mean if I have pinpoint pain in my chest
    Aimee Poor Aimee Poor
    April 17, 2009

    I have very localized pinpoint pain in my chest.   It happens once or twice a month.  There is no identifiying time when it happens (sitting, standing, walking resting) or when it happens (morning, noon or night).  It will last a while, maybe an hour or so.  I will start having the pain and it will occur every couple of minutes.  It feels like someone snapped a rubber band on the inside of my chest.   It's very fast and and significant pain.  It's not a terrible pain but at times it is fairly intense.


    I am a female, 50 years old.   I live in Lincoln, NE.  There is no history of heart disease in my family, except one of my paternal aunts has a heart attack.



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  • ldelre April 18, 2009
    April 18, 2009

    You haven't said anything about what your doctor or cardiologist says about it, after examination. If you are cleared, you should ask around for a good chiropractor, and consult him/her. One thing that confounds medical science about chiropractors is that the treatment often must be part of the diagnosis. In other words, a person with symptoms, but no identifiable problem should be automatically sent to a chiropractor for a 2 week trial, and see. Many easy problems that were "waiting" for a chiropractor will almost always give a significant response within that time period. Another problem in communication is the follow-up, which may be a few months, and some people may need to return on occasion when those structural imbalances, along with their muscle-memory reactive-defenses, reach a peak again.

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