• James Larkins James Larkins
    August 29, 2008
    concern about heart problems
    James Larkins James Larkins
    August 29, 2008

    I have sharp pain s in my chest sometimes.I have mild Gastritis and a hernia.   Im 28 years old over weight and smoke. I go to the doctor regular, my blood pressure is good ,and the doctors told me my heart sounds good, i have had a ekg done and it showed my heart fine. Should i be concerned about my heart?



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  • anta76 August 29, 2008
    August 29, 2008

    you know james i wish i could take my own advice.


    anyway, i've been having chest pains all kinds of chest

    pains since last summer (the aircondition ) . anyway

    now i'm experiencing pain in the left breast underneath

    in the sides etc... i've done ekg's, a heart ultrasound, blood tests

    all normal. i just can't shake if off though i still worry.


    but if doctors thought something might be wrong

    they usually say so . pls don't worry .


    you did the right thing by going to the doctor because

    chest pains should never be ignored.


    why can't you (or me) leave it at that ?


    too much anxiety i think.


    take care

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