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    January 06, 2009
    Blood Pressure is very high when laying down and very low when standing.
    mkd mkd
    January 06, 2009

    I writing on behalf of my 77 father. He is an other wise healthy non-smoker/drinker/non-overweight white male who exercises regularly. In 2000 he had hear attack due to partial blocked artery and had stent implanted. He also had pacemaker defribulator put in about 24 months ago. He has has some a-fib conditions over the last two years but nothing that lasts more an hour or or less.

    For the last 24 months he has had fainting spells due to orthostatic (postural) hypotension. Most recently he has be hospitalized due to transient ischemic attacks which he had good resolve. He was again hospitalized as precaution due to a rapid a-fib situation. With all that being said, he seems not to able to get his blood pressure regulated; its ether way too high when laying down or too low when standing. We have taken every precaution and direction from the doctors to the letter with mediocre results at times. The problem is here that if the BP is too high he risks a a major stroke if its too low he risks fainting upon standing up and falling. In August of 2008 he was tested for tested for multiple myeloma and amyloidosis which came up negative. The frustration we all experiencing is that we are being told that at 77 we need to choose between high blood pressure or low blood pressure according to the cardiology team overseeing him. Is there any other diagnosis available or medical group that specializes in these disorders?

    Much Thanks for your interest

    Below I have listed all the medications he taking:

    • Lisinopro 10 MG
    • Coumadin 5 MG
    • Asprin 81 MG
    • Toporl 50 MG
    • Lipotor 50MG
    • Midodrine 2.5 MG
    • Amiodarone 200 MG



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