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Q: what is electric abnormality in regards to the heart

I had a stress test today and the dr said there was no blockage but one part of my heart was pumping or beating correctly and the other part was slow or it wasn't as fast as the other one. Since I have not had any chest pains he said that we would wwatch and if I had any chest pains to call him back. I am on 3 blood pressure meds, toporol, lisinopril, and clinodine. He did a sonogram on my heart before and after the stress test. He called it an electric abnormality.

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Martin Cane, M.D., Health Pro
6/ 5/08 3:53pm



Thanks for your posted question.  From your description, it sounds like you have a bundle branch block of which there are two types: left bundle branch, and right bundle branch block.  When the normal electrical current travels through the heart, it splits into two branches (left and right bundles) before it causes the two large chambers to contract and pump blood.  When one or the other branch is delayed, there is a characteristic appearance on the electrocardiogram.  This delay is a small fraction of a second and does not affect the pumping action of the heart. 


They are often found on routine electrocardiograms, and sometimes occur as a result of underlying heart disease. Bundle branch blocks often occur in young adults with no symptoms.  In most cases, the doctor will check for underlying cardiac disease and if negative, observation is usually the course of action.


The fact that your echocardiograms and stress test were OK is great news and his reccommendation sounds very reasonable.  I would continue your medication as prescribed, with follow-up with your physician to be sure it is controlled.  Should you develop any symptoms related to your heart, contact your doctor for his input.


Best wishes. 


Martin Cane, M.D.

Melissa, Community Member
3/ 3/11 12:59am

I recently was told I have this same anamoly - Right bundle branch block, and the dr said it may have been there since birth. No one else has mentioned this anamoly to me before, I DO have a family history of heart disease, should I be concerned about this ?



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