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Sunday, January 24, 2010 sweat, Community Member, asks

Q: suddenly onset of sweating, overheated body, nausea, dizziness and need to make bowel movement

Sudden onset of nauseated feeling, perspiring on the forehead, clammy feeling coming on, continuing with dizziness and profuse sweating from head, neck and chest area.  Urgent need to make a bowel movement (diareah).Body so heated, I have the need to take off clothes and lay next to a cold item to cool body down.  This goes on about 20 to 30 minutes.  Afterwards, I immediately return to normal, but without energy and very tired.  Attacks happen sporatically with years in between.  Previous attack sent me to emergency with concerns of a heart attack.  No such activity was found, but found to have gall bladder stones.  Year and half ago, gall bladder removed.  This is second attack since the gall bladder removal.  Doctors seem stumped.  Any ideas?

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MonicaRD, Health Pro
1/25/10 1:46pm

Hi Sweat,


Were you hungry when the episode happens?  Are you a diabetic? Or does type 2 diabetes run in your family and it's possible that you were experiencing hypoglycemia (sometimes a precursor to type 2 diabetes)?  The nausea and diarrhea don't necessarily fit, but everyones body can react differently. 


Or is it possible that your blood pressure is falling very low for some reason during these episodes.  You may want to visit the ER again while the episode is happening.  That way, the physicians can see what is happening to your body and vital signs and even blood sugar while the episode occurs. I'm sorry if I just raised more question in your mind, but at least you have some things to think about and ask your physician about.


Best of luck,

Monica M. Skidmore, MS, RD, LDN

solora20, Community Member
7/ 7/11 4:46am

These are my same exact syptoms! Sweat described peice by peice what happens to me!


*It come  ONLY 2-3 times a year.

*Only during bowel movement

*VERY clamy

*VERY sweaty

*light headed


*hot flashes

*never last over 20 minutes

*starts right before bowel movement and ends 15-30 minutes after

*body immediately returns to normal after bowel movement



I just had it happen to me again today. I had to take all my clothes off and run cold water on a rag to put on my head.... while sitting on the toilet! I almost felt as if I needed to throw up at one point, but never did. After several minutes it went away completely!


If you can, PLEASE HELP! I don't have insurance right now and want to know what I am looking for without a million test!


ICHIKIREILVRN, Community Member
3/13/12 8:28pm
I know its been a while since your post, but I encountered it while doing some research. I am a nurse. What you MAY be experiencing is a rare event called AUTONOMIC DYSREFLEXIA. I suffer from it myself. I say you MAY have it because some other ailments behave the same way. ONLY A DR EXPERIENCED IN AUTONOMIC NERVE SYMPTOMS AND DISORDERS will be able to help you IF this is what you MAY have. See a neurologist AND SEE a gastroenterologist that specializes in rectal manometry and pelvic floor dysfunction. This is ONLY an educated guess. A DOCTOR MUST DIAGNOSE YOU AND THIS DISORDER IS VERY HARD TO DIAGNOSE IF IT IS SPONTANEOUS OR ONLY HAPPENS SPORADICALLY. Do you have any spinal cord injuries, tumors, syrinx or other lesions? This disorder is commonly seen in spinal cord injury patients. A neurologist will order an MRI of the spine. A gastroentrologist may do some imaging of the colon and rectal areas AND they may order rectal manometry or other EMG type studies of the bowels. Generally this SYNDROME happens at times when your bowels are full of stool and when you are severly constipated.. Do you have trouble with bowel movements? straining? hard stool? The VAGUS NERVE is stimulated when bearing down while trying to pass stool. This is the culprit of racing heart, extreme sweat, dizziness, etc. Try to drink enough water, get enough fiber, take stool softners if needed AND STAY AWAY FROM LONG TERM USE OF SENNA LACATIVE PRODUCTS!!! ALTHOUGH THEY ARE NATURAL, THEY CAUSE NERVE DAMAGE IN THE INTESTINES (Melanosis Coli) WHEN USED OVER EXTENDED PERIODS. Other things to try GYLCERIN SUPPOSITORIES as opposed to Senna. ALOE LEAF ALSO CONTAINS THE SAME HARMFUL INGREDIENT AS SENNA!! STAY AWAY FROM EXTENDED USE OF IT! Good Luck! You will need it! If a doctor ignores you or tells you its in your head, etc., turn around and walk out!! You need a doctor that is your advocate, that listens to you OR A NURSE PRACTITIONER (I find that they are generally more compassionate). Measure your blood pressure before during and after bowel movement and keep a record of it! This will prove VERY HELPFUL in finding a diagnosis. Take a phone with you in bathroom in case you need to call for help! Be persistent! Dont stop until you find a diagnosis! AND DONT DO ANYTHING OR TAKE ADVICE FROM ANYONE WITHOUT A MEDICAL DEGREE! It could be VERY dangerous! People try to be helpful, but at times add to the problem! Reply
dlkett59, Community Member
1/22/13 4:22pm

How do they find it and what is the treatment.  I have stones in my splenic artery, spinal stenosis, bulging disks in my neck, waiting for mri test of lower back.  Also small hiatal hernia, diverticulitis, etc.  Degenrative disks for years, I had no idea it could be associated with this.  I had my gallbladder removed in 2000 and pancreatitis, so the pain is much like the attacks that led up to pancreatitis, but that is clear.  UGH. 

SheBGB13, Community Member
2/26/14 10:48am
Hello ICHI - your thoughtful reply a has me hopeful that you may have a suggestion for me. Similar situation, started 2.5 years ago. It does not seem to be related to stress, as during calm times I still have episodes, however it does seem to occur more often during stressful times. Two and a half years ago it started, and within two months I lost 18 pounds. I have weight to spare, but this was not healthy or intentional. Between my OBGYN, and physician, they did a lapro and ended up pulling my appendix. It was folded and wrapped in scar tissue. No ER visits for pain ever showed high WBC's but upon exam it had clearly been angry at times. Nothing else substantial came up with the lap. The problem imediately faded after surgery, only mildly reoccurring 9-12 months later. Now over two years later, it's happened 5-6 times randomly, until now. I'm under a lot of stress, unable to exercise regularly (limited to swimming, which I have a hard time getting & keeping my HR up because I stink at swimming) as I'm recovering from an ankle fracture/surgery, and my bad knee on the opposite leg is swollen painful trouble. Physically, lol I'm a hot mess, all due to roller derby which I'm itching to get back into. No, I do not learn and I will keep playing until I'm ready to stop. :) injuries aside, it's worth it :) Anyway, I'm back into the daily torture of getting sick now. It's starting to get as intense as it was years ago, and I'm scared. I have ins, but the thought of returning to the doc to have them say "in your head" "nothing we can do" or "I don't know" is not comforting. Here's what's happening, with luck something will trigger a connection for you and I'll find some light! I have the urge to have a BM. I sit down, start going (soft normal stools, or occasionally constipated) and within seconds I'm hit with a tidal wave of nausea, mouth floods, body is hot, I struggle to keep stomach contents down (terrified of vomiting, I rarely drink because of that fear) and often I end up laying on the cold floor or sticking my head in the tub to vomit. I then need 15-20 minutes to calm my system down, all the while I feel the need to evacuate even if I'm empty. I remain nauseous for hours, finding myself starving once it resides. I'm not currently at the next stage, :( I fear it is on the way, but eventually when I try to eat and I'm famished, two-three bites in the nausea hits and I can't eat. When I'm hungry and food is in my face, I can't eat. It's the worst diet ever, I want and need to loose weight but this is not how I want to do it! :( Any suggestions? :( Reply
rlips, Community Member
3/27/12 8:53pm

i believe this is a result of dehydration.  look it up!


Concerned person, Community Member
4/11/12 9:08pm

I am no expert, but I am a nurse and I have had the same things happen to me! Sounds to me like you are having a vasovagal problem ( otherwise known as vasovagal syndrome or vasovagal syncope).  While you are having a bowel movement these symptoms occur because an artery is being compressed.  As far as I know there really isn't anything you can do about these occurrences, except try to drink lots of fluids and try not to get constipated. Good luck!  I hope this has helped.


Caring person


firechick453, Community Member
10/21/12 1:11pm

have you noticed any of these occurences more after you have eaten spicy foods? i have had the same issues just a couple times a year and i find it is after i have eaten spicy foods. i have wondered if maybe the spicy foods have been digested at this point and maybe arent sitting in a bad spot in my intestines. or even, not all spicy foods digest all the way such as jalapenos or any types of vegetable. there may be a possibility that something of that sort is sitting right there along the lining of your intestines. it is just a thought but i know what you are going through and that seems to be the only comon factor between my occurrences. anyways, sorry about any grammatical errors, i promise i am at least half way intelligent but my phone wont let me put caps at the beginning of a sentence. Smile

JAX123, Community Member
10/30/12 2:19pm

Yes, this is exactly what happens to me. I've going to the Dr. but by the time I've reached the emergency room, my body has returned to normal. I don't know what these attacks are, but they are very scary. I had one last night. I woke up about 12:30a, I had fallen asleep in chair. As soon as I stood up, I felt it coming over me and I knew what it was. Somebody please tell us what this is!!!

Rita R, Community Member
1/29/13 12:45pm

This describes some of my attacks exactly and it is very scary.  I feel a sudden weakness and then all of these other symptoms come on. I have had an ear infection for the past 2 weeks and this syndrome is coming on at least 2 or 3 times a day.  It also feels like it's hard to draw a breath in and that is even more scarier.  I feel shakey too after it starts to end.  Sometimes, my body gets chilled, but your symptoms pretty much describe what I go through.  When my body does return to normal, it feels like I have been through a battle and my body is very tired.  You feel so alone and helpless and like no one will ever find the answer for you and that there is some hidden disease that no one is finding.  I have had all kinds of tests done just recently and thank heavens they were normal, but what are the answers?


I have had this syndrome for over 30 years now.  Your description of your episode puts it right there for all of us who suffer from this mystery attack.

Shhh it's not me mum, Community Member
2/12/14 8:36pm

Are you a smoker or ever was? I'm 24 and I experience the same thing a few months later. But the catch in my story is that I was a victim to child abuse and that is somehow why I was experiencing these things. Now I find out all these storeys have in common, dehydration?


Hang in there, I'm going to calculate my water and see if it's fixed. Quite possible...

dlkett59, Community Member
1/22/13 4:19pm

I have the problems, haven't taken clothes off, but on to a cold floor and pull myself upto the toilet, back and forth, really sick.  Had an attack yesterday, should have went to hopsital, but they won't do anything, it's over except the weakness and stomach pain.  UGH.


Melissa, Community Member
8/31/13 11:16pm

It could be anxiety or panic attacks that's what I have it it sounds similar with what you're experiencing

solora20, Community Member
7/ 7/11 4:49am



I am not a diabetic and I drink A LOT of water!

solora20, Community Member
7/ 7/11 4:41am



These are my same exact syptoms! You have described peice by peice what happens to me! It seems it come around 2-3 times a year. Did you ever figure out what causes this?


I just had it happen to me again today. I had to take all my clothes off and run cold water on a rag to put on my head.... while sitting on the toilet! I almost felt as if I needed to throw up at one point, but never did. After several minutes it went away completely!


If you can, PLEASE HELP! I don't have insurance right now and want to know what I am looking for without a million test!


quinjoji, Community Member
7/22/11 11:26pm

My grandmother has had these "spells" for more than 2 decades - EXACTLY as described here.  She has had every imaginable neurological and cardiac test under the sun...  Was finally refered to a Cardiologist who specializes in Autonomic Nervous System Disorders.  Do a google search for the "Vagus Nerve"- it is connected to the heart, lungs, stomach, etc.  It can affect your blood pressure too.  Find a Cardiologist who deals with vascular and ANS issues.  Good luck.

Theresa, Community Member
8/29/11 7:56pm

Hello, My mother has all of these exact symptoms so I am doing an internet search for her.  It is very upsetting the sweating and changing added to her neuropathy.  Did the cardiologist help your Grandma.  Please, let me know.  Thanks

Melos, Community Member
4/24/12 6:36am

I have had the same exact symptoms my whole life except my attacks are more frequent. It has been hell. I started staying home for fear of having episodes. BIG MISTAKE. I suffer from agoraphobia, panick attacks and severe anxiety. Now which came first? Some say it's in my head, others say IBS, food poisoning, etc... but I maintain my theory: something is wrong. I have had these symptoms since I was very young. They have gotten worse. So I finally found a nurse and she said to get a colonoscopy so tomorrow I see the GP for a reference. Hopefully some relief will occur and maybe I'll get to the bottom of this. My point is: don't give up on trying to find help. We might not all be suffering from the same thing (maybe we are :P) but we are suffering. I will research the possibility of it being  Autonomic Dysreflexia or vasovagal syndrome and talk to my doc about it.  Thanks for all your posts.

Blloyd, Community Member
11/ 6/12 5:32am

I also came across this long after you posted it.  Just so you know, you can still get gallstones after the gall badder has been removed. It is also referred to as slush or cystals.  I had my galbadder removed in 1986 and in 2006 was having surgery again for gallstones.  The lap at the end of the bile duct became inflamed causing all the slush, cystals and stones to back up and everything became infected.  I almost died before Dr. M Goldschmidt of Plano TX diagnoised my problem in one examine and I was in surgery the next day.  I again suffered for over 2 years trying to find the problem. 

The crystals are produced by the liver and excreted into the bile duct which excrets them into the small intestines to to be exspelled from the body.  One of the stones got kicked back into the peaceatic duct and caused a cyst to form in the peaceatic duct and then the panceas was involved and infected as was the liver.  Now you can understand that after 2 years of this infection, why I almost died.  It was touch and go for weeks after the surgery because of all the inflamation and the organs involved in the infection being so sick for 2 years with no medical treatment other then x-rays, MRI's, CT's, and every other test possible.  What really ails me is the blood tests all pointed to gallstones but the doctors that were treating me seem to not know that one could still get gallstones and since I had my removed, they dismissed it as a problem.  And the systems were much worse then with the gallbadder infection prior to removal.  I couldn't even stand up without breaking out in sweats, nansea, dizziness, the awful feeling that I needed to have a bowel movement like right then and to point of almost passing out and the pain was unbelievable in my abdomen from the right side running to the left and all the way around to my lower spine.  Every doctor would tell me that I needed to tell them that I drinked alcohol or they couldn't help me find the problem.  I never drinked alcohol.

I now have the nansea, vomiting, sweating, the need to have a bowel movement but now it involves swollen lumph nodes in my neck for months now,  and I have the pain in my abdomen and a need to get next the a cold floor and feel like I am going to just pass out.  Nothing comes back on the liver or panceas and the doctors are stunted again as to what it is.  It worries me this time that it could be non-hodgins lumphoma as I am having a lot of the same systems for that.  A CT scan came back okay other then a calcified spheem.  That is the second test that has been run to try and find out the problem as every doctor just tells me that it probably will just pass and play the wait and see game with my health.

dlkett59, Community Member
1/22/13 10:40am

I had another attack last night at a parking lot.  You can't get to the dr. at the time, and as you say, its over with the exception of abdominal tenderness and extremely weak.  This has been going on since my gallbladder was removed in 2000 and I too had Pancreatitis.   I don't drink except an occassional glass of wine.  Continued pain in my right side (mayo clinic ruled out pancreatic issues) and my whole stomach is bloated and feels like it's tearing.  I have pain all around to my back.  I went to mayo as a CT showed calcification in the pancreas, they said it is in my Splenic Artery, small renal cysts on right kidney, hiatal hernia too small to cause problems, none of these cause the problem?  So walked out of there with "Fibromyalgia".  Can I have stones and they not do the right test?  They did and Endoscopy. 


I also have back pain, vaginal area pain when sitting or over stretching to get laundry from the dryer, heavy lifting etc.   Spinal stenosis and degenerative disks.  Could it be the problem.  I dont' know where to go anymore and am sick of these attacks and health issues.  Suggestions welcomed.



Blloyd, Community Member
1/22/13 2:03pm

I've answered before but have to ask to you drink a lot of soda?  If so, stop as I'm finding thats part of my problem like yours.  I've had 8 back surgeries with rod on lower back and plate in neck.  the atttach you're having has nothing to hypreglosemic like one stated.  Also MiraLAX over the counter now without script.  My hospice doctor says that i'm not emptying out and it could stay there for a long time until it builds up and then the muscle spasms start as well as the sweat and the pain.  I 've been off the coke-a-holic train for 4 days, the pain is passing, the swolling is going down, I've lost 2 lbs in the last 4 days since seeing doctor also, i've had polips before and need to go have colon checked.  but I can tell a difference without the soda's.  He told me that my liver turns the sugar into alcolol which makes sense as I've gained 40 lbs now since my thyroid has been removed.  The pain from your back can bound up your bowels or the oposite.  The pain in my abdolmen is getting less but I'm still going to dr for colon just in case as I've had some blood pasted lately but that could be from the bowels getting in a twist.  My heart doesn't race with the attacks as one suggested the pain is too bad to tell what else is going on but you need get your colon checked out because a blockage can be missed and to keep this up can cause you more problems with your colon then you need.  Go over your diet, is there a lot of sugar in something you are drinking that can cause the bowels to slow and build up like what we have.  I don't want another surgery like the last to get the blockage cleaned out in surgery because the colon swelled so large that it closed it off and I couldn't go for sure then.  Get the MiralAX anyway 1 capful in small glass of water twice a day.  it works to get relief as I did within a few hours even though it said 1 to 3 days.  Good luck and let me know about the cokes.

LovesHolisticHealth, Community Member
11/18/12 12:54am
I know this question was asked almost 2 years ago, but I thought I'd answer and make suggestions anyway. Others might need help, even if the original poster has received help already. If you drink a lot of water then it's not dehyration (though dehydration can have symptoms just like these). You may be having a panic attack. It will give you all of those symptoms. Vomiting or nausea, diarrhea, the shakes, dizziness, overheating and sweating. You may even feel as though you are about to die. If these symptoms are from panic attacks, you can make some changes in your life to help. Go seek ways to calm your mind, de-stress, or change the things in your life that are causing you stress. Maybe even try natural remedies like valerian (get it in tincture form and put a few drop in water or juice, then drink it) and taking a vitamin B complex. Learn to breathe deeper with meditation or yoga. A diet change may help too. Talk to a naturopath and do your research. Hope this helps. Reply
claire, Community Member
4/19/13 8:49am

As someone who has all these same problems and is a psychology student... I can finally see why people don't like psychology/psychologists. Not helpful.  

Ad, Community Member
8/27/13 1:37am

Xanax is real helpful too.  My mother suffered from panic attacks (thankfully she does not get them anymore) and i have anxiety with anxiety attacks (similar to panic attacks), sometimes without meds you don't get any relief.  The breathing techniques are helpful to a point but the mind does not shut off.  These symptoms described by the poster sound like panic attacks but they also sound like low blood sugar, nerve disorders, gastric disorders and cardiac events.  I too have had that feeling the poster describes, but not with a bowel movement.  Mine was incredibly low blood sugar from not eating.  Then i developed gastritis from not eating (i foolishly martyred while depressed and only ended up damaging myself, a lesson i have learned from), which also causes the symptoms the poster described, though again, it didn't happen to me during a bowel movement.  The poster may have had bowel or intestinal inflammation which can cause all kinds of terrible symptoms and can even bring on anxiety attacks from fear and pain.  Right now i am starting to recover from the gastritis but i still get times of dizziness, fatigue, feelings of "not rightness (mentally)" shortly before a bowel movement (goes away afterward) and gas/stool cramps.  If the person's symptoms were panic attacks, it seems like they would happen at times other than at the time of bowel movement.

Sympathetic, Community Member
8/30/13 1:16am

Many thanks to all who have written here. Agreeing with vasovagal reflex diagnosis, and dehydration, and constipation - they can be related. I used to get VV attacks at the start of my period, when I would be (a) in pain, (b) a little constipated and dehydrated, and so (because of bloating) (c) a little crowded in the abdomen. Dehydration means constipation, stuff scraping along, irritating the vagus nerve and starting up the response. IBUPROFEN HELPS.When I'm dehydrated, I often get tiny headaches lasting 2-20 seconds. Finally figured out it was gas or stool scraping along. Bad posture, tight pants, etc. can even affect this (more abdominal crowding and hence irritation). Husband's attacks also seem to be inner-ear related, or else low blood sugar (when he's dieting).

Danielle, Community Member
11/23/12 1:37pm

I have had all these syptoms and went to the drs and no one can tell me what is going on. It got so bad one year while I work that I completely blacked out and was transported by ambulance. My co-worker had told me that my skin felt like it was on fire. By the time I got to the hospital I was fine. It has happened to me numerous times. Would love to get an answer. I don't have a spinal cord injury. I do have a rupture disk.

Alison, Community Member
12/22/12 3:40pm

Just posted this message for someone else but the same might apply to you. I suffered from this for three years before a doctor caught my blood sugar down at 2.2! Please read my email below and hope you get it under control. I am thinking of setting up a medical (not new agey) based association for hypoglycemics because at least in Canada where I live, there is no support. Also, I must add that my doctor also tested me for MS, a heart arrythmia, hypothyroidism and transient ischimic attacks to rule those out because they CAN produce similar symptoms:

Hi there. I had these attacks also for years before a doctor figured me out. I believe you are having a hypoglycemic attack. When your blood sugar gets low (less than 3.6- for me less than 4.2) it triggers your adrenals hence why you sweat, shake, heart races. One side effect of this is your bowels open up. By the time you have defecated and the adrenaline has raised your blood sugar you feel more normal which is why you associate the relief with going to the bathroom. Hypoglycemia can be a precursor to diabetes. I have controlled mine by making sure I dont eat lots of sugar, I always combine a protein with a carbohydrate when I eat. In case I have an attack I carry a glucometer on me so I can take a reading of my blood sugar and I carry a tube of glucose tablets (take 4 tablets or 20g of carbs when you feel an attack coming on). THe longer you can keep the attacks at bay, the less strain you are putting on your body and they should go away. If they get really aggressive then you may have an insulinoma (small benign insulin producing tumor-VERY RARE), which my endocrinologist is waiting to test me for if they come back again. Hope that helps. As a caution there is alot of bullshit out there on hypoglycemia. I took the medical route and have it under control. 

Portmanteau, Community Member
12/ 2/12 11:27am

I get this from timne to time too.  Severe pain on my right flank side where my gallbladder was, and horrible stomach cramping, an urgent need to use the bathroom and sweating and feeling like I'm going to pass out.  I was out once with my daughter when it happened, and there is nothing worse than the feeling of being out of control and potentially passing out in front of strangers with a 6 year old there, and me being terrified of what might happen to her.  I hate it when it happens and no doctor can tell me what's going on--I've read everything from post cholecystectomy syndrome to sphincter of Oddi dysfunction to stones still forming to vasovagal nerve issues--no doc agrees on what it is and just think it's in my head.  I'm glad to know this happens to others as well, I wonder how many of us have either been diagnosed with gallstones, or already had our gallbladder out and if it's a "rapid voidance" thing?  

Alison, Community Member
12/22/12 3:35pm

Hi there. I had these attacks also for years before a doctor figured me out. I believe you are having a hypoglycemic attack. When your blood sugar gets low (less than 3.6- for me less than 4.2) it triggers your adrenals hence why you sweat, shake, heart races. One side effect of this is your bowels open up. By the time you have defecated and the adrenaline has raised your blood sugar you feel more normal which is why you associate the relief with going to the bathroom. Hypoglycemia can be a precursor to diabetes. I have controlled mine by making sure I dont eat lots of sugar, I always combine a protein with a carbohydrate when I eat. In case I have an attack I carry a glucometer on me so I can take a reading of my blood sugar and I carry a tube of glucose tablets (take 4 tablets or 20g of carbs when you feel an attack coming on). THe longer you can keep the attacks at bay, the less strain you are putting on your body and they should go away. If they get really aggressive then you may have an insulinoma (small benign insulin producing tumor-VERY RARE), which my endocrinologist is waiting to test me for if they come back again. Hope that helps. As a caution there is alot of bullshit out there on hypoglycemia. I took the medical route and have it under control. 

JustMe, Community Member
11/19/13 10:13pm

I have these very same symptoms too. Your answer is the only one that makes sense. It's not a panic attack or result of eating spicy foods or dehydration as the other responses have been. I came here searching for some kind of answer. Thanks!

suznzoo, Community Member
1/ 4/13 6:44pm

I have had this before as well and it's very inconsistant.  I was told it was vasovagal syndrome or vasovagal syncope, for me anyway.

Sorc, Community Member
1/30/13 3:46am

My sister and I both have this same problem. Down to the last symptom. But it happens monthly or more for us.


Some of the research I have done on this says "This is a simple vasovagal reaction. It happens to many people when they have any kind of gastrointestinal upset, because  it stimulates the vagal nerve. It's the most common cause of fainting, and some people experience it nearly every time they have a bowel movement (bummer)! Basically, your gastrointestinal upset + the valsalva pushing (holding one's breath and bearing down) are both adequate to stimulate the vagus nerve which causes an immediate drop in blood pressure and heart rate. The result? A drop in blood supply everywhere - including the brain - which causes dizziness, light headeness or a sudden loss of consciousness. 

Sudden onsets of severe pain such as intestional gas can cause your BP to drop to very low levals. 

Low Bp causes light headedness, dizzyness, nausea, profuse sweating and even passing out from the body not getting adequate blood supply.

My Bp is very low after a episode.


(The vegus nerve travels from base of your brain down to your intestines and is responsible for keeping you beathing, and for keeping the digestive trac in good order. It contracts the muscles of the stomach and intestines to help process food.)


Same thing happened to me during a lower back injection. They hit the nerve during it and the intense pain I felt dropped my BP and brought on the sweats, major body overheating, and nausea.


This happens to everyone once in awhile.

If you have high BP and are on medication or using anti depressents or if you become dehydrated or constipated you have a greater chance of this happening to you. 


If the episodes continue to happen you may have hypotension which is Low blood pressure. This is as dangerous and High blood pressure and should be checked by your dr. 


Hope this helps you.


fritscher, Community Member
2/21/13 8:48am

Hello, Iknow this is an old topic..I have always attributed this to irritable bowel syndrome. With me I may have weeks of having rabbit pellet bowel movements and then feel awful. Then all of a sudden maybe eating something like spaghetti or something that stimulates the bowel i am hit with horrible nausea, sweats, dizziness and shakes and for a couple hours I clean is very scary and even worse than the stomach flu..I want to check with my doctor to prevent this in the future as it is horrible..I have had colonospopies regularily because of family history and i do know the actual bowel is fine..I remember when I was younger during my periods, i used to have these attacks alot and doc sait it was prostoglandins that caused it


jweber04, Community Member
6/11/13 5:42pm

I have the same thing happen to me and have also believed it is from my IBS i was diagnosed with about 7 years or so ago. After my body gets done "cleaning out" I feel better. Sweating, nausea, dizziness, urge to have a bm etc. gone and I feel basically back to normal. The feeling I get is like I have a sudden onset of horrible stomach flu. 

dweilbacher, Community Member
10/15/13 4:49am

I deal with this too, but fairly sure it a reaction to specific foods.  The challenge is to find the food.  Too me a long time of trial and error, but found a preserative that was causing it:  "Citric Acid".


This is a preserative. (note not Absorbic Acid which is Vitamin C).  Citric Acid is made from the sugar in Molasses and used as a favor enhancer in many packaged foods.  You will find it in many fruit drinks, Some Soda Pops, and any thing with a tomato sauce.  Read your ingredience and try and avoid this and see if it helps your problem.  Made a big difference for me.

Sweetiepie5810, Community Member
4/ 7/13 11:22pm

OMG You have described what has happened to me since I was 16. 

* Clamy

* sweating

*excessive pain in my abdomen/swelling


* feeling of having to go #2 but scared to. 

* Dizzy/ body over heating.


The only way I can stop this is laying on my side on a very cold floor in the fetal position. The pain can be so intense that it leaves me paralysed for several minutes. It doesn't happen very often. There have been times where I have desicated/ thrown up all over myself because the pain is too much for me to get up and get to the toilet. I have had every test known to man since the age of 16 and nothing has ever been found to be wrong with me.  I thought maybe it had something to do with my period or a drop in blood pressure but again I was tested and nothing is wrong. Obviously somethings wrong. Anyone know?

pepper combs, Community Member
5/ 1/13 5:38am

it is called dumping syndrome...can happen after gallbladder removal..look it up


pepper combs, Community Member
5/ 1/13 5:39am


pepper combs, Community Member
5/ 1/13 5:39am

It is called dumping a search...happens to some after gallbladder removal.


skylined87, Community Member
7/ 7/13 6:07am

I have been experiencing symptoms similar to this for the past 2 years. I am currently taking methadone, and all of this kind of started about a year after I joined the clinic. I was formerly a heroin/hydromorphone addict but before I started taking methadone this has never happened to me. I have no insurance and no job because this happens to me at least 1 or 2 times a week now. I am taking 20mg a day now (down from 140mg) and its as if I am more constipated now than when I was taking more. I also have been taking docusate sodium every day, polyethylene glycol every 2 or 3 days, and glycerine suppositories 1 or 2 times a week when I get really stopped up.


Every time I get sick it is right when I wake up in the morning. Of course I feel extremely constipated so I try to use the bathroom. Usually I have to go up to 5 times in a 2-3 hr period, each time not much coming out and it is usually very hard and in balls or pellets. But after I use the bathroom I start feeling nauseous, and so begins my 1-6 hr battle through hell with my body. I start sweating so profusely that I completely soak my shirt and boxers and the sheets on the bed in a matter of minutes. Also my girlfriend has told me that my sweat will smell like feces on those days. I start going through extreme waves of nausea and dry heaving, and I also keep burping up a seemingly endless supply of air, each burp making the nausea/heat wave subside a little bit more. Plus i'm breathing so rapidly and my heart is racing i feel like its gonna explode. And on the really bad days my hands and toes start to get numb, like its not getting enough circulation or something. After the wave ends I get extremely cold until the sweating/heaving process starts again every 5-7 minutes or so.


This continues from around 6am to about noon on the worst days. The only thing so far I have found that helps it is a combination of forcing bowel movements, taking my dose, taking scalding hot showers for hours at a time, and drinking milk or eating meat to get something in my stomache (but i can only do this once my body will allow me to get it down. As far as the showers, this is the only relief I can get from the nausea waves which is weird because I have to turn the shower on super hot, but when I get the nausea waves it is heat that makes me puke but when the wave subsides I cool down. So I dont understand why really hot water running over makes the waves stop temporarily. But as soon as I step out of the shower the waves come back again, so I go and lay back down.


This whole 5-6 hr period I am constantly going from the toilet, to the shower, to the bed...I can never be content in one place. As time goes by and as I keep going to the bathroom the waves get spaced farther apart and become less intense. Finally, after 6 hrs of torture and begging God to take this sickness away I am able to fall back asleep, then I usually wake up an hour or so later and I still feel squeamish but I am near back to normal. I am not a suicidal person, but in the middle of these episodes I feel so horrible I feel as if I dont want to live anymore, not if I have to deal with this. I have heard many theories, ranging from diabetes or low testosterone due to the methadone. I have not been to a doctor for this yet because I dont have any money or insurance, and I still have outstanding bills at various local hospitals. But I cant take this anymore, I need help!!!


Sorry for the horrible grammar and run-on sentences, it is late and im too lazy to try to type this properly. :/

Stella Sophia, Community Member
11/20/13 12:04pm

I am so glad that someone finally posted about this problem while taking methadone. I started having these symptoms when I started the methadone. It got so bad I made the switch to Suboxone (well, Subutex... so no Naloxone). It got much better and much more tolerable when I made the switch. My case is no longer as extreme as yours, but it is still pretty bad. It happens like once a day that I am overcome with the nausea, sweating, vomiting, dizziness, stomach pain, etc. I've almost passed out at several times and sometimes the pain in my stomach is so bad, I throw up all over myself because I am literally paralyzed. It's awful. But luckily instead of the attacks lasting hours, they only last for 5-10 minutes. The part where you describe how your hands and toes get numb... is it possible that you are in withdrawal when that happens? As a former addict I'm sure this has crossed your mind, but for me, one of the worst withdrawal symptoms is that numbness that you described. It doesn't go away until I take my Subutex. Usually my other symptoms go away after my first dose in the morning.


My suggestion? Smoke some weed (or take the tablets, they have them now). I'm serious. As everyone knows, it works wonders for nausea and for pain. It'll help with inflammation. It is the ONLY thing that has worked for me and the doctors have run every test and tried me on every kind of medication. If you live in a state where you can get a prescription, you can go that route. I know that it is only treating the symptoms and not the disease, but I was very much like you... I couldn't function. I couldn't go to work or get out of bed half the time. Once I started with the marijuana, I felt better and was finally able to get appointments with the right doctors to find an answer.


If you are still on the methadone, consider switching to Suboxone. You get a script and don't have to go to a clinic once a day and you won't hemorrhage money like you do for the Methadone. Good luck.

bkcouture, Community Member
12/ 8/13 2:02pm

I've been using methadone for migraine/intractable headaches for 13-14 yrs now (wow) and these symptoms didn't start until I had a bowel resection 9 yrs ago so I can't blame all my problem on constipating medication. Shortly after surgery I'd be sitting in front of my sewing machine or computerand I'd break into a sweat so bad my calves were wet! and I HAD to get up and move--I call it the eebie-jeebies. So much for the overexertion theory.

The GI guy has repeatedly told me that narcotics are constipating and just shrugs at the other complaints--boy that's sooooo helpful. I use miralax daily.

I start the sweating/chills in the wee hrs of the night but my body doesn't want to evacuate til morning. Sometimes its a three-outfit night because the wet clothes just chill me. When things do start moving it takes several trips to the bathroom over the course of 2-4 hrs. After each episode all I can do is go back to bed, lay on my left side to help the poop move down the colon (hooray for gravity!) and let the pain pass. When I've empied out enough I, too, feel washed out and a bit wobbly.

However, out of all the listings on this site that I've read thru nobody has the running nose, watering eyes and yawning while pooping--as if there isn't enough oxygen in the bathroom--symptoms. I presume its because all the blood in my head has gone to my gut but just why that makes my eyes + nose run is a mystery and no dr has ever given me a explaination.

This is no fun.

toniA, Community Member
7/13/13 2:12pm

My boyfriend has this on occassion and on those times it came from a time in his life when he was experiencing intense stress.  If the doctors can't find anything wrong with you, ask them for anti-anxiety meds and take them when you are undergoing a stressful time.   This may help.   Could be you're having a panic attack.   My boyfriend actually blacks out.  I think this helps him remove the stressful thoughts from his mind.  I think this is his body's defense mechanism against the stress.

alexis, Community Member
9/12/13 4:39pm

I have had these symptoms all of a sudden I will get hot and sweaty feel like I'm going to faint.  A couple of episodes it was because I had to poop so bad and one time I actually fainted. I need help if u can think of what it maybe. I have had drs tell me different thing and one time I went in not feeling the greatest and blood pressure was fine please help

DBomber69, Community Member
9/18/13 8:38pm

I also get it. One day i was outside on a sunny day, temp of about 80, drilling 8 holes in a 2x4. Get super hot, sweaty. Recorded myself because i was sweating, always been like that. Not more than 2 minutes i was calling my dog when i noticed i was slurring my words and had rubber legs. All dizzy and hard to walk. Have to walk slow. Going down a flight of steps i was so dizzy i fell and tore a tendon in my knee.It's like i i'm drunk. It was so bad i could barely say the alphabet. When i'm like that i really shouldn't because i it's hard to control arms and legs. If i hit the gas or i hit it too hard and almost lock up the brakes. Another time i woke up and tried to out of my bed and couldn't roll over. i had no muscle strength. After a couple of minute i was finally able to roll over and get out of bed  but i had to lock my knes so i didn't fall down. I made it to my living room and sat on the floor in front of my tv. But when i tried to get up i couldn't. I had to crawl over to the doorway and use the door and frame to pull myself up. This is scary because it happens very frequently 4-10 times a month. I've had an MRI, EEG, heart monitor, balance test (which showed nothing), take lamotrigine (which doesn't help). I'm also allergic to 26 things so far (only tested me for 40 items), including wheat, soy, and corn. I have herniated l3, l4, and l5, and 1 herniated disc in my neck, 2 concussions when i was a kid. Worst one i fell off my bike and hit the road chin first. I had road rash on the sides of my eyes, chest, hands, knees, broke 4 teeth (all molars), chipped one and it knocked me out. Had 17 stitches to my chin (7 inside and 10 outside). Some guy helped me up and asked me if i was alright. I spit out my teeth and said no. 

Ambere1979, Community Member
1/28/14 3:40am

Symptoms come on fast usually in the night. Shaking, sudden onset diarrhea. Feels like a wave of "bad feeling" come over me. Last for 30 minutes to 1 hour then fine. Symptoms will wake me up from sleep. Have heart murmur since birth. Echo is normal as usual. Cardiologist said Afib, or high or low BP.I am only 35 years old. 

hark33, Community Member
2/13/14 2:23pm

i had the same thing happen to me this morning,i was up for ten minutes,drank half cup coffee and all of a sudden i felt very nauseated and broke out into a sweat with the sudden urge to have a bm,thia all lasted about 30minutes and was over,but i have been having pain on my rigt side of abdomen that goes to my lower back,i have has scans and ultrasounds done which all csme back normal but the untrasound which they found multiple cysts on my rigt ovary..doc schedueled me for a colonoscopy for monday,i took the miralax for 1week and the pain never went away,but i did have a bm everyday of taking at my wits end with doctors guessing,also 5days ago i encountered a new symptom,i have the urge to urinate every 5minutes ,tested the urine came back normal,i feel like im wasting my time with these doctors ,

angel130, Community Member
3/ 9/14 2:01pm

Did you ever find out what was wrong? Same symptoms all test results normal, don't know what else to do

Tambe Teddy, Community Member
3/23/14 6:48am

 I felt upset with the body heating and its occurred after sexual intercourse? what is that?

Gypsy, Community Member
5/ 8/14 7:55am

Just two attacks almost exactly like this except didn't notice needing the bm the first time, but it was mild compared to the second attack.  Taking my contact out, suddenly felt fullness in my chest area, heat sweeping thru me and sweat suddenly running from my face and body and slight difficulty breathing.  Even my arms were sweating.  Eventually, felt the need for bm, but was afraid to move.  Wasn't sure if I was having a mini-stroke, a heart attack (didn't want to push on the nerve down there if that was the case) then nausea was added to the mix.  Was also afraid to even try to throw up for fear that effort would increase likelihood of heart attack if that's what it was.  Eventually, had to give in to urge to sit on the commode and see if anything would happen, which it did not.  Also had small amt of dry heaves.  I've never experienced anything like this, hope I never do again!  And, as others have described, about 15-20 minutes after it started, it ended.  I was weak, and tired, my skin felt wet and clammy and i needed a blanket.  At no time did I have pain, either in my abdomen or chest area.  No difficulty in walking, talking, no loss of use of speech or facial laxness. 


I'm SO thankful I found this site.  Even if the original question is old, it doesn't matter, I've found much encouragement to read that this has been happening to some people for years.  As long as I know it's going to end quickly, and is surviveable, at least the fear factor is gone.  Annoying, yes.  But, it's not a heart attack and it's not a stroke, and since you can't get to the ER while it's happening, it's nice to know I'll be ok.  It sure doesn't feel like it when it's happening!

sandra mitton, Community Member
6/ 5/14 11:24pm

I have had these exact same symptoms off and on for years and i as well have had the dr's stumped they linked mine to gall stones and kidney stones i have to take all my clothes off as well lay on a cold floor or get into a cold bath to cool down I have done alot of research and have found that this is linked to a chemical imbalance. and it is linked to small seizures that we are having. I am a bi-polar sufferer and my dr has put me on a medication called topomax which is used to treat epilepsy but also used as a mood stabiizer so i am getting the best of both world its treating my bi-polar and its treating the episodes of overheating, cramps diarrhea and completely draining me as well......hope this helps and you get some relief.

sandra mitton, Community Member
6/ 5/14 11:37pm

dear sweat,


I too suffer from the exact same replica of what you go thru I did alot of research and have been thru many drs and many test and to no avail did I get any results until recently I started seeing a very intelligent psychologist who does research for a living.  there is a cause to all of this it is a chemical imbalance.  I am a bipolar sufferer The culprit of these episodes are small seizures there are many different types of seizures and some of the symptoms are heat intolerance diarrhea, abdominal cramps dizziness passing out nausea etc... all of our symptoms  even though we dont have the epilepsy parts it is still a seizure I was prescribed a medication called topomax is does 2 things one is it helps my bipolar as a mood stabilizer and a chemical balancer the other also controls therefore i have the best of both worlds.... research diffferent types of seizures and you will find all the symptoms that we have are also symptoms of different types of seizures you do not have to have epilepsy to have seizures some also you can be standing there and stare off into space and not even ever know you are having one....I hope this helps and you find answers and maybe this medication might help you and relieve some of these nasty episodes some of them that i have had are downright of luck.

6/10/14 9:22am

Hi Sweat:


I am sorry you didn't get a response in 2010 with your concerns. Are you still having any problems or has things since resolved?



Tara, RN

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