• Sarah Sarah
    November 21, 2010
    Chest pain & discomfort, body pain , weakness, dizyness and cold body after walking or workout ... I feel sick and exreamly tired for 2-3 days
    Sarah Sarah
    November 21, 2010
    Hi , Iam a 38y ols female. Im not overweight and have all the blood test cuople of months a go and they all came up normal. It has been arounf 1 years by now that I have lots of problems with my chest pain, discomfort weakness , diziness and recently I cant even work out . I went to Cardiologist and he did some cardio test and sonography and they came up normal about 6 months ago. I have all the sympttoms that I desribed more often happen to me. before it was once / twic a week , but now Im sick, have chect discomfort, feeling very weak and dizzy ever day. I dont have insurance any more and I doing want pay lots of money ro get the insurance and go to doctores and they tell me there is nothing wrong with me . it is affecting my social , work and also my relation ship with my partner. I cant do anything that needs even a little efort now. I just walked at the mall today for 1-2 hours and the sympgtomas started by feeling very strong squues under my left chest/ breast and I stated to feel extremly cold and I feel weak and dizzy... when it happens it usually takes about 2 days to go away completely from my body and then it happens again ... Im so scared to work out now ... I used to work out 4-5 times a week before but when I go to work out like last week after 2-3 months I felt soooo sick for 2 days that Im so scared to repaeat it . and now it happens to me even after walking? please help me to find out if it is angina ? or it is kind of heart failure? some times I think maybe my heart is so weak that cant pump the blood & oxygen in some time to my body ... so that is why I feel extremly tired and I have very bad body aches for two days after it happens to me .... Please tell me any ideas you have ...I cant even have any excitement with my partner because it happens at those time too and I'm getting so far from him ... what should I do? I dont even know what Dr to go and what to check? I dont even know any doctor that really want find out about the reason of the problem... thay cant find the reason and they tell me it is panic aatck.... but it is not.... My heart dont raised and ..... any comment or help would be appreciated... Sarah READ MORE


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