• jeannette jeannette
    August 06, 2008
    What causes chest and upper back pain?
    jeannette jeannette
    August 06, 2008

    I am having a chest pain and upper back pain. What could be causing this?




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  • James Axe August 06, 2008
    James Axe
    August 06, 2008

    Hello,I m not an expert but do have heart problems,first of all is it possible you didnt possibly lift something fairly heavy or lift at an awkard position en from over your head,if so you could have possible strained a muscle depending where that muscle is it coulld radiate arounf from the front to the back,if not i would go to your doctor and tell him and he'll probably run some test depending on other things you may have or notice with this problem.Jim

  • Amy Tudor July 03, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 03, 2014

    Hi there, Jeannette -


    Any incidence of chest pain should be seen by a doctor immediately. It could be muscle strain or a condition such as costochondritis, an inflammation of the muscles around the ribs, but it's always better to let a doctor be the one to decide. Sometimes cardiac pain can be felt in the back, as well.  


    Here are some links that you might find useful in the meantime:


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    Good luck!



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