Heart-Healthy Diet

Eating right is the key to a healthy heart. Changing your diet may be easier than you think.

  • Are You Veggie Smart?
    Do you know how fruits and veggies affect your diet? Are deeper-colored fruits better for you? Does cooking eliminate essential nutrients found in vegetables? Take our quiz and find out!
  • Six Basic Steps to a Healthier Heart
    We all know that following a healthy diet and keeping physically active helps to reduce the risk of developing heart disease. Follow these six basic steps to start making heart healthy changes today. 
  • Low Cholesterol Diets
    Although most studies that prove that lowering cholesterol saves lives are done using drug therapy, the absolute mandate for improving cholesterol levels is to first make changes in lifestyle.
  • Low Cholesterol Diet: How to Cut Out the Fat
    Limiting your cholesterol is key to a healthy heart, but dietary fat may play a bigger role. Nutrition expert Heather Reese explains.
  • Fiber and Cholesterol
    Fiber can improve cholesterol levels in several ways. One often overlooked benefit of eating fiber is that it can easily act as a substitute for a potential damaging food.