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What is Stroke?

A stroke can cause brain damage or even death. This section will explain what a stroke is, the causes and risk factors and what you can do to decrease your chances of having a stroke.
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Stroke Basics

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    Symptoms of a stroke
    People at risk and partners or caretakers of people at risk for stroke should be aware of the general symptoms. Find out what the five warning signs are.
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    Risk Factors
    Are you a smoker? Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Read this article to learn how to decrease your chances in experiencing a stroke in your lifetime.
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    Find out what your doctor may look for to determine if you are having a stroke.
  • Prognosis
     A stroke is always serious and can cause disability or death. Find out what factors can affect the survivability and quality of life of stroke victims.
  • Managing Stroke
    Your body and spirit just experienced a very traumatic event. Now what? Learn here the steps to take after your initial assessment.