Heart Disease Symptoms

When should you be concerned about heart disease? Find out if your next step should be a trip to the doctor.

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  • Heart Attack Symptoms
    Know the signs. If you believe you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call 911 or contact your emergency response system immediately.

Heart Disease Basics

  • Heart & Coronary Arteries
    Heart Disease Symptoms
    Each type of heart disease has different symptoms, although many heart problems have similar symptoms. Know the signs.
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    What is Heart Disease?
    Heart disease is a number of abnormal conditions affecting the heart and the blood vessels in the heart. Read this article to get a basic overview.
  • Preparing for the Cardiologist
    Dr. Weinrauch helps you get the most out of your next appointment. Learn what questions to ask and what tests the doctor might perform.
  • Heart Disease Diagnosis
    Many tests can diagnose possible heart disease. The choice of which (and how many) tests to perform depends on the patient's risk factors, history of heart problems, and current symptoms.
  • Prognosis
    The long-term prognosis for both length and quality of life with heart disease depends on its severity and the preventative measures that are taken.


What's Your Heart Health IQ?

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Managing Heart Disease

  • Stress Testing
    What is it good for? Know what kind of shape your heart is in before it's too late!
  • Fish Oil and Heart Disease
    Fish oil contains Omega-3, a substance that has remarkable and beneficial effects on heart disease. Learn more about this nutrient and how it can improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Blood Pressure and Your Heart
    Your blood pressure is a key factor in maintaining good heart health. Learn the facts behind your blood pressure readings, and whether your "normal" BP is actually high.