High Blood Pressure Drugs: Top 3 Effective Treatments

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  • Many people suffer with high blood pressure in America despite the efforts of the American Heart Association's warnings of its potential destruction. Although there are a variety of common risks factors that contribute to its development, Americans do not get their blood pressure checked as often as they should.


    It is evident, however, that a combination of lifestyle changes along with a high blood pressure drug are effective against the disease also classified as the "silent killer."  If managed properly, Americans have a significant opportunity to reverse the devastation of this severe medical condition.

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    Managing high blood pressure is essential for the well-being of the hypertensive patient. There are a variety of ways to do so and, if implemented properly, patients are able to live long healthy lives. Evidence has revealed that hypertension can contribute to worsening life-threatening medical conditions such as kidney failure, heart failure and stroke.  As a form of treatment, medical healthcare providers prescribe a high blood pressure drug for the initial attack against elevated blood pressure.


    Physicians prescribe several forms of anti-hypertensive drugs that are used to control and manage high blood pressure. Because the medications affect each individual differently, initial treatment is critical and must be monitored accordingly. Not only does each drug differ by duration of effect, manufacture and cost, there are also a variety of side effects that accompany them.


    Physicians may determine the appropriate drug therapy based on pre-existing or co-existing medical conditions or on the person's entire risk profile. The prescribed medications that are used to treat high blood pressure are organized in categories to accommodate these external medical problems.


    Diurectics: Prescribed for patients with neuphrotic syndrome, congestive heart failure and swelling. Generally the first choice treatment for high blood pressure. Often called "water pills" because they work to flush excess water and sodium from the body through urine.


    Beta-Blockers: Prescribed for patients with heart disease and congestive heart failure. Assist the heart to beat less often and with less force. Reduces nerve impulses to allow the blood pressure to drop and heart does not work as hard.


    Ace-Inhibitors: Prescribed for patients with diabetes, congestive heart failure and nephritic syndrome. Blood vessels relax and pressure decreases as a result of angiotensin ll (causing blood vessels to narrow).


    These high blood pressure drugs have proven to be very effective.. It is the most common form of treatment to attack this severe medical condition. It is a fact that adequate treatment slows down the progression of hypertension. Although millions of Americans suffer with the disease, proper control and management of its manifestation will deter the risks for additional life-threatening diseases.


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Published On: September 15, 2008