Tackle High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol with Olive Leaf Extract

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  • Because hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common diseases that entails significant risk factors, it has proven to have the most impact on the modern lifestyle.  In such cases, discovering effective ways to reduce blood pressure is extremely beneficial for its victims. Previous experiments conducted on rats indicate that consuming the olive leaf extract (EFLA®943) is a productive way to achieve such results.


    It is possible to lower cholesterol as well as high blood pressure levels in patients with hypertension by simply taking 1000 mg of a specific olive leaf extract (EFLA®943). Results were assumed from a variety of treatments administered to identical twins; referred to as a ‘Twins' trial.

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    Researchers utilize these treatments to increase the power of their data. More so, the ‘Twins' trial eliminates some of the uncertainties caused by genetic variations noted between individual people. 


    A pilot trial was conducted by researchers from Switzerland and Germany which was used to test humans. The trial consisted of twenty (20) identical (monozygotic) twin pairs who suffered with elevated blood pressure. The pairs of twins were assigned to different treatments throughout an eight week trial period. Each person was either given placebo capsules or capsules containing doses of 500mg or 1000mg of olive leaf extract (EFLA®943).


    Finally, the researchers measured blood pressure levels as well as collect data regarding the aspect of any given lifestyle. According to one of the co-authors, Cem Aydogan, the General Manager of Frutarom Health, "The study confirmed that olive leaf extract (EFLA ®943) has antihypertensive properties in humans." Aydogan continues by stating, "This works showed that taking a 1000mg dose has substantial effects in people with borderline hypertension."


    The latest edition of Phytotherapy Research has published the details of this research.


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Published On: October 07, 2008