Common Hypertension Complications

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  • There are several hypertension complications that you should be aware of. Hypertension stresses the organs out within the body. The added stress often causes these organs to become worn down and are no longer able to work appropriately. The organs that suffer the consequences of the hypertension are also referred to as the target organs include the eyes, kidneys and heart.


    It is estimated that approximately 75% of strokes and heart attacks can be linked to high blood pressure. However, in African Americans the risks are even more severe, and often more deadly than in any other race. African Americans have increased risks as well.

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    In men over the age of 55 years old they are at risk for an extremely fast progression of hypertension when they are combined with other factors that increase the risks. This can be an accelerated rate of increase blood pressure, smoking, fluctuating cholesterol levels, obesity, family medical history, coronary heart disease and diabetes. The same is true for women that are generally over the age of 65 years.

    Treatment for hypertension is usually done with a combination of two or more medications and a change in lifestyle. Eating habits often need to be modified to include less salt and an overall healthier diet.


    It is estimated that 2/3 of the individuals that have had a stroke have also had high blood pressure. For the most part the blood pressure has been 160/95 mm Hg or higher. People with hypertension are at a higher risk for stroke, approximately 10 times more risk. Hypertension has been linked to many of the silent cerebral blockages that often lead to a massive stroke.


    Heart Disease is a serious risks that must be considered when treating hypertension. A whopping 50% of people that suffer from heart attacks also have had hypertension to some degree. The risks for a heart attack is drastically increased by 5 times when an individual has hypertension and possibly more if the hypertension is elevated greatly.


    Heart failure is another quite serious recourse of hypertension. When the blood pressure is left uncontrolled in a person that has high blood pressure there is a strong possibility that heart failure will occur. Around ¾ of the people that suffer from heart failure the issues began with hypertension. Typically, this is how it progresses:

    • The muscles in the heart begin to work harder to pump the blood, thus creating a thicker muscle tone.
    • The strength of the heart begins to lessen over time because it begins to have a harder time relaxing. This essentially causes complications with the heart being able to fill with blood the way it should.

    Men that smoke and have hypertension are at risk for sexual dysfunction. However, even in men that do not smoke, they still have a real risk of having sexual related complications. Several of the medications that are prescribed for the treatment of hypertension  are said to have possible side effects related to sexual performance. Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction as the hypertension progresses.


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    There are several complications that can stem from hypertension. Some individuals may find they suffer from more complications than other people do. However, hypertension complications and concerns that are noticed should be immediately discussed with your medical care provider.


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Published On: November 18, 2008