Pediatric Hypertension Explained

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  • In comparison to prior years, pediatric hypertension has greatly increased recently. Each year more children are being diagnosed with hypertension. Some people feel the increase in diagnoses is due to the more advanced technology has come in being able to detect such health related issues in children. However, in reality this is not actually the truth of the matter. Over the past 100 years the methods used for measuring blood pressure have changed very little.


    The overall number of children that are diagnosed with hypertension is low when compared to the number of adults that are diagnosed each year. According to statistics that have been published in 1989 only approximately 1% of the children in the United States were diagnosed with having high blood pressure. A drastic jump was noticed in 2002, when it was determined that about 5% of the total population of children was diagnosed with high blood pressure.

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    Another study revealed even more disturbing results. In 2003 a study was done to try and determine if the socio-economic background of these children has and stance on the diagnosis of hypertension. Approximately 25% of the children diagnosed are minorities and inner cities.


    Both of the above mentioned studies have similarities that seem to have a relationship to them. Here are some of the factors:


    • ŸIt is rare for a child under the age of 7 years old to be diagnosed with pediatric hypertension.
    • ŸBoys are diagnosed more frequently than girls, without age restriction.
    • There is a direct link between weight gain and the blood pressure. With an increase in weight there is an increase in blood pressure.
    • ŸTypically, the younger children have what is called secondary hypertension.
    • Older children are generally diagnosed with primary hypertension.

    As you look more into the studies that have been done on pediatric hypertension and diagnosis, you will notice that there is other interesting information revealed. It seems as if there is a connection between the locations of the children. Within the United States and Britain the number of children diagnosed early seems to be increasing.


    However, the numbers reveal a decrease in diagnosed pediatric hypertension in Northern Ireland. You might immediately jump to the thought of weight as relevant among the different location. Yet, weight does not seem to be a large factor for the differences. The actual reason has not yet been determined, but there could be a a link to a smaller amount of salt intake.


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Published On: December 08, 2008