Meditation and Biofeedback - Relaxing Ways to Control High Blood Pressure

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    Surprising results were noted in people with an established meditation program. They were able to lower their blood pressure, resting pulse and cholesterol level and they can now sleep more soundly.  Hence, a professor from Harvard Medical School portrays meditation as the "relaxation response."


    There is an assortment of meditation with the same features. You can learn the techniques from a teacher or on your own. The former is a more likely recommendation.


    When you try to meditate, the best time is early morning or late evening, with an alloted time frame of about twenty to thirty minutes. It should be done in a quiet room or even the closet if you are just starting. To help you relax, meditation is aided by a white noise or background setting like quiet surf or rain. Tapes of background noises can be bought from shops and catalogues.

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    When under the watchful eye of a teacher, you will be asked to recite a mantra repetitively which will be the focal point of attention. Teachers usually require their students to be seated on the floor with a relaxed back. The legs are crossed with both hands on the knees and eyes closed.


    Meditating for about fifteen minutes will already give a good result in the ability to handle stress. The remaining time should be focused on any positive outcome of what you want to happen.




    The conscious alteration of body functions such as heartbeat or brain waves is called biofeedback. This is done through mental picture and an oscilloscope, a device that determines heart rate.


    An example is by visualizing that the heart is pumping slower or faster and this will be projected on the screen whether there is success in altering the heart rate. Through constant practice, the biofeedback from the oscilloscope will no longer be needed. The heart rate can be taken from the beating in the pulse.


    Constant practice is all that is needed in order to achieve good results from meditation and biofeedback. At the end of the day, this will eventually lead to your ability to control high blood pressure.


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Published On: April 08, 2009