Blood pressure medication and my menstrual cycle?

jgauwain Community Member
  • I have been on regular BP meds for over a year now, and have had very irregular periods.  before my meds my bp would rise during my period, so high in fact I had to be taken to the Emergency room on 2 occasions.  Does my blood pressure pill affect my menstural cycle? can it make it all but dissapear?


    I take Benicar HCT 20/12.5





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Published On: May 14, 2007
  • BrendanS
    May. 21, 2007
    Dear jgauwain:

    I just forwarded your medical question to THCN's medical expert. In the meantime, you might find helpful as it provides detailed information on Benicar and its side effects, etc. I hope this is helpful.