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Yumhee Park

Adding Yogurt to a DASH Diet Could Help Lower Blood Pressure in Women

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Ladies, rejoice – that Greek yogurt... Read moreChevron

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baby2, Community Member


Don't stop taking BP medications

If you stop taking you BP meds more than likely your first symtom you will notice is fatigue and your body will start swelling because you'll start holding fluid. You joints if you have any type of arthiritist you will become more acey. Consult with your Doctor first before abrouthly stoping any RX... Read moreChevron

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mhayes, Community Member


HBP Do not eat

Things you need to stay away from or reduce from your diet since you have HBP.

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Autodick369, Community Member



All of a sudden, I wake up at night sweating, headache, take my blood pressure it's 186/77.

After two nights of this and getting worst, I end up in the hospital, blood test, urine test, EKG, CAT Scan, they can't find a thing wrong.

Doctor doubles my blood pressure med's, still 158/70  P61.

During the day it's fine... Read moreChevron

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