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Saturday, April 03, 2010 Chris Caswell, Community Member, asks

Q: Blood pressure meds not working at all

Hi ,   I`m a 30 year old male and have had high blood pressure for 4-5 years that i know of when im at home an relaxed  run about 140/95 roughly with a heart rate of 100

my problem is when i go to the doctors to get my pressure tested its allways high for example ill go monday its 164/112 without medications then i started taking the meds and i get my 140/95 resting pressure , i go back the following friday and its 150/120 i get home and its back down again im also having chest pains in my left pectorial muscle area and some times in the left arm ,breast bone,neck,stomach and other places normally confned to the torso/rib cage area.  I know go to the emergency room , and i have every single time atleast 5 times in the last 6 months , they run EKG chest X-ray and then tell me im fine and send me home , i had a stress test 8 months ago it came back fine , in the last 3 months ive had atleast 8 EKG tests preformed and they are all fine , i dont understand whats going on and im a bit scared ive noticed heart beats skipping from time to time and its got me really worried i think i may have anxiety brought on from the sharp aches in my chest although they only last a couple minutes then vanish then return later again , could somone please tell me what i need to do ive seen my doctor 4 times now and atleast 6 trips to ER to get told i have Chest wall cramps and High blood pressure , they pump me with blood pressure meds,muscle relaxers , painkillers it does stop the pain intill im off them again and i would like to know forsure if this is the case and how to stop it ..  its destroying my quality of life the stress i feel is going to kill me and i cant not think about it when it hurts like it does , if anyone has had simular please help me

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Lisa Nelson, Health Pro
4/ 3/10 3:36pm

Hi Chris,


I'm not able to shed much light on your situation, but did want to share this information.


Arrhythmia Patient Guide


All the best,

Lisa Nelson RD

7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Lyn, Community Member
4/ 7/10 3:46am

I am in the same boat.  I too am 30 my bp is avgering 190/100 no idea why no answers no meds reduce it.  Your heart rate is normal but your tone sounds anxious which could explain those skipping heart beats (panic attacks) you might want to discuss that with your GP or a head shrinker (HA HA). I make fun because I had to to get Xanax. Incidentally it didn't lower my bp but calmer I am and I will try anything at this point. I am almost to the point of accepting a short life. All test come back clear I do have chronic pain anexity and depression the latter due to the first and I take all kinds of meds and have tried everything in that guide recommended in the previous answer. Now I am having testing for thyroid and Cushings Disease. I wish I could help you more maybe try a Specialist for new in depth perspective.  Best of Luck

Chris Caswell, Community Member
4/ 7/10 2:43pm

you know i went back today and my bp its slightly lower now ive lost 10 pounds in about 2 weeks , im also laid up with a busted heal broke it in a few pieces. 2 more weeks and i can get up and move around more , they gave me hydrocodone for pain , xanax for stress and upped all my bp medications , they also ordered me a neclear stress test , since my foots broke they will chemicaly induce it , i had one 8 months to a year ago and it was fine so im hoping the same , im on 10 days no smoking , i actually did a total 180 degree turn around in life style but still waiting to see if bp can be dropped to normal or as close to normal as ill ever be , my father died of a heart attck at 48 and my moms 70 and still alive and kicking more than i do lol so maybe i got her genes , i really hope they can cure this crap the chest pains are what sets it all off it hurts so much maybe more then shattering heal even ,    what sucks the most is when we who search for answers see all this information and sometimes it can be missleading at times and bring on more stress and irritation .. personaly ive never seen mine over 160/112 and that was under some heavy stress and it was only high for a breif time by the time i got home it had dropped to 130/90 or so  check out whitecoat syndrome , allways make sure your nice and relaxed before checking it at home , i also stopped eating like i was , i was slamming a 12 pack of mountain dew a day and eating a entire pizza in one sitting and smoking marjuana and ciggs daily so theres allot of bad things i was doing to my body now i eat a bowl of cheerios every morning and fruits and salads thruout the day, i refuse to live a short life


                                                ill be back for sure to keep you guys an gals updated maybe this can help someone else

Latigo1026, Community Member
10/30/10 1:26pm

Wow!  A twelve pack of Mountain Dew a day will eventually kill you all by itself.  One a day is a lot!

Chris Caswell, Community Member
4/ 9/10 3:20am

*** UPDATE !! ***




Now im in no way exactly sure how the hell this happened and i wont go back to my GP for a week and a half ill have to try and reach him by phone tomarrow sometime but heres what happend.




i had been to GP 2-3 times first time i was given a bp medication and it had not worked , 2nd time i went back they double the dose and had me take a 2nd medication it also did not work , third time GP instructed to triple the dose starting the next day he also added vicodin and xanax to the list of medications to take , well i got home took my normal doses of medicine and figured what the hell id wait till the next day to start the triple dose since i keep daily records with hourly tests of my blood pressure , then since it was later in the afternoon and i didnt have to go anywhere i would go ahead and take the xanax so i can see how it would effect me.



  Now without BP meds i average 140-150/90-110 that was also under some stressfull times mainly being in hospital for chest pains


  with bp meds i was running 130/90 to 140/100 nor much of a change



 when i took the xanax my bp dropped to 117/75 i about crapped myself



now my next question is , how the hell is this possible does this mean i got a screw loose or what i mean yeah i get a little bitchy at times but i mean axiety is a mental problem or something right , its like even when im calm my bp is still high but with xanax i can run forever and sit 5 minutes and my bp is still 120/80 does anyone know what causes this and how can somones body become damaged over something mental i just dont understand.




                                 PS. Lyn u hit the nail on the head 100% with that one ive spent 5 years wondering what the hell was wrong with me that was one really good piece of advice there i hope you can find out whats wrong with you

jp, Community Member
12/20/10 5:43am

HI. I. 32 been sober from alcohol for 25 days. Saw a Doctor and my bp was 156/116 . He prescribed me BP Meds . I to have  chest pains but i crack my chest . try streching your arms and cracking your chest like u crack your back or fingers or knees . u might just have arthritis . dont stress out. DR told me it from a child hood wresling match and i damaged my rib cartalige . i usually rub my chest put warm cloth on it . if it was your heart trust me  u would know .

i was priscribed xanax for my alchol withdraws couse i went to the ER an thought my kidneys was failing or my liver was dead.  just strech your arms out like your hugging the sky . and try to crack your chest . i found out thats all i had to do to make the pain go away . it will come back just strech!


Chris Caswell, Community Member
12/20/10 6:30am

Sorry i havent been back to reply in a while have had allot going on


My drop in blood pressure was short lived and i went in for my nuclear stress test and it came back "abnormal"  i had to wait 2 weeks to meet my cadrologist for the first time, just a 45 minute "talk" costs $500 .... great


anyways she advised me that my cholesterol was very high around 190 she wants me under 100 , we then setup a date for a angiogram even thou i was only 30 she said with my family history and my weight at 5'9 260lbs and my symptoms she couldnt rule out a heart problem , went and had the angiogram done they ran a cathiter up the artery by my growing/hip bone and up to my heart and while under xray injected a xray reactive dye "incase people didnt know"


they found a 97% blocked non-dominate artery in my heart 2 inches long and placed a stent , also advised me i had another spot that was around 70% blocked but they wont stent anything under 90% , i recovered from all that fine i still suffer from chest pains and blood pressure ranges from 130/85 to 145/110 but never as high as it used to be without the medications 160/120, im currently on 6 different medications for my pressure and it seems to not be dropping any further than earlier stated ... ive also been put on antidepression medication paxil and xanax to curb the emotional side effects of being told u have the early stages of heart disease at 30 also not being able to walk properly for almost 10 months from a work injury has had a huge roll in this ordeal lack of mobility is a huge part of my problem



all i can really say about all this is those of you that play video games all day an sit and play on your pc eat and drink whatever you want and stay up really late beating your bodys this is some very real sh*t i worked 50-60 hours a week and sweat my ass off , yes i was a tad overweight 320lbs now after breaking my heel but i see people that are 300-400-500+ lbs that dont have any heart problems , for god sakes take care of your body a stent operation costs about $165,000 and if it wasnt for my insurance id be in debt for the rest of my life an not going for proper medical treatments untill i ended up having a heart attack



now i have my chlesterol under control 96 last time i tested it and my wieght could be better but i broken my heel earlier this year and it has had a very negitive impact on my situation my family doctor says i seem to be in remission and my doctors all assure me i can make a 100% recovery from this and live out the rest of my life like it never happen "thank god for this" as far as i can tell this was a very long and horrible ordeal sofar and i wouldnt wish it on anyone yet its so easy to fix , eat fresh fruits and veggies avoid prepared and canned food from your stores the sodium in them are enough to kill you as it is i start each day with a bowl of cheerios and fresh fruits and veggies and salads " and yes i do cheat once a week and treat myself to a few slices of pizza" just has to be in moderation and i cant make 3 meals a day outta it i figure 75% healthy and 25% junk seems to work ok for me its all about finding your balance everyones different and our bodys all tell us when somethings wrong we just have to listen

Kevina Redwine, Community Member
2/22/11 1:55pm

When I first started taking high blood pressure medication, I was given Lisinopril.  I took that for about 6 months and it did nothing to lower my blood pressure.  My doctor then put me on a combination pill which consists of Lisinopril (20 mg) and Hydrochlorothiazide (25 mg) and that did the trick.  Occasionally, when I misbehave and have too much sodium or eat the wrong things it will elevate, so just watch what you eat and hurry and get your blood pressure under control.

Chris Caswell, Community Member
2/23/11 11:33pm

My blood pressure now runs 120/80 avg after a 30mg dose of Emur and exersize.  But some minor chest pain has returned im thinking it was the 70% getting closer to 80-90% from my weight and foot problem.  I've about fully recoverd from my foot injury and about to purchase a treadmill , things are slowly getting better.  Only real problem now is after a brisk 2.2 mph walk for 1 mile on the tredmill if i dont "cooldown as in slowly stop" my BP has dropped to 80/40 and ive gotten dizzy a few times , i have not fainted yet but this problem is a tad annoying.



I take medications 2x a day to keep my BP in check.



Mornings :



Hydrochlorothiazide---12.5 mg


















Can't really say its been fun i felt better before all the medications , im sleepy all the time i get dizzy the only plus was my headaches went away but quality of life kinda sucks from all the side effects of the medications.

just me, Community Member
4/28/12 4:23pm

Chris, i found this posting as i was looking around for some information. I can relate to your feelings of anxiety and not feeling in control-been there done that. But after some hard conversations with myself, I realized it would be better to TRY and not try and live with regrets. My point is, while you may feel a little overwhelmed right now, the past is the past and you can't undo it BUT you change the future one step, one day at a time.  YOU can do this. 

I too tend to overthink things and analyze them way too much and find that is the greatest source of my stress.  Now two things that have helped me so MUCH (really by fluke since I sort of thought they were a joke) were eating veggies (especially kale for bp) and yoga. Especially yoga! I gaffed at the recommendation but I have to tell you if you can do basic yoga you will see AMAZING results. I was VERY surprised myself and can't believe how much more I sweated then doing say aerobics! Kind of weird but after 4 weeks of semi torture I SWEAR by it now and can't imagine now doing it.


d, Community Member
2/25/11 10:06pm




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