• Lori Lori
    November 18, 2008
    How to slow down your heart rate?
    Lori Lori
    November 18, 2008

    I have a pulse rate between 105 and 110. How can I get it to slow down? I donate plasma and every time I go my pulse rate seems to prevent me from donating because my pulse is always high. Is there a way to slow it down?




  • squeezics June 24, 2009
    June 24, 2009

    I to have that problem while trying to donate.  Its kinda wierd the one arm will always be lower than the other (why I am not sure) but I notice my pulse is fine and then sometimes its great while being there, others I cant seem to slow down my pulse for anything.  I have sat there and while going there try to think  and say "slow calming breaths" not only does it seem to lift my mood almost like a medation type thing but knowing I do have the ablity to change my body at will gives me a good power.  I am checking into the mediation and Tichi (sp?) as I think this will be extremely helpful in other aspects of my life along with being able to donate.  Maybe you might want to give this a try also.

  • Manystarrs October 23, 2015
    October 23, 2015
    If your Calcium is high (Hypercalcemia), this could indicate Hyperparathyroidism, which can lead to high resting pulse and elevated Blood Pressure. Primary Hyperparathyroidism is resolved surgically by having a specialty trained Endocrinologist (who has more than 10 patients with this Endocrine disorder, per month. If left undiagnosed (it took 14 years, from my 1st symptoms, to be diagnosed) and untreated it causes Osteopenia or Osteoarthritis (bone loss), mood changes, memory loss, and eventually leads to heart attack or stroke. A simple blood test to check the Calcium AND PTH will let your Doctor know if you need to follow up with an endocrinologist. P Hyperparathyroidism is missed so often, when patients have complaints with no found illness and many Doctors pigeon hole them as anxiety patients, or worse. Stones, Bones, Groans & Moans is used referring to what this 'looks' like. Kidney stones, aching bones/joints, stomach & GI problems & moans is for everything else that feels awful. I spent 3 weeks at Mayo Clinic to find out why my kidneys were threatened. They noticed my borderline High Calcium and checked mY PTH & did imaging. Although my tests were not crystal clear, my symptoms; high Pulse & Hypertension difficult to control & declining kidney functions, mood & cognitive difficulties, plus lab & medical history was enough evidence. Only one of my Parathyroid Glands was shown to be of concern, but I asked that ALL 4 Glands be checked during surgery, which I had done in my hometown, after securing a skilled Endocrinologist Surgeon. During surgery ALL 4 Glands were Hyperplasia (too big) and required removal of 3 1/2. It took 6 months before my Blood Pressure began to normalize and I could begin reducing my medication for High Pulse. Good luck & remember, you know your body better than anyone, listen to what it's telling you. If an Endocrinologist finds no reason for your elevated pulse, go to a reputable Cardiologist! It could save your life! I was diagnosed at age 57....imagine how much of my life was affected by prejudicial Doctors! If it takes too much time or takes an effort to figure out, many Doctors don't want those patients, but some do! Blessings on your journey to restored health. Many Starrs READ MORE
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